Wednesday, May 25, 2011

imma big girl now

If you remember from last post, item #8 was “learn to cook.”  I am proud to say that I have already started working toward this goal. 

Friday night when the storms rolled through and I had nothing else to do, I put my temporary kitchen to use and cooked up a couple good (& healthy) recipes.

Recipe #1:  Chicken Mushroom Quesadilla

Please excuse the bad lighting shot from my iPhone.  I promise it was more delicious than it looks.
It seems like I eat chicken for every single meal.  It can get really boring.  But I happen to love mushrooms, so it was a good combination.

Recipe #2:  Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

These were "cake" cookies, so they grew up instead of out.  They tasted a lot like muffin tops.
(They also tasted better than they look.)
I gave up chocolate for my New Year's resolution.  Therefore, oatmeal raisin cookies have been a new favorite of my sweet tooth.  Three cookies are under 250 calories, and those are mostly "good" calories.

If you are looking for some more meal ideas, the Internet is an amazing tool.  Check out the following link for a couple:

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