Monday, August 29, 2011

beautiful purity

The topic of purity has really been on mind lately—possibly because I just finished reading an article on Christians and premarital sex in Relevant magazine {totally go check out the online edition at}.

Normally, statistics fail to stimulate a strong reaction from me.  Tell me a story, show me a problem, draw me a picture—but don’t put a bunch of numbers in front of my face.  However, the story in Relevant began with a statistic that struck a chord.

Eighty percent of young, unmarried Christians have had sex.

Say what?!? My parents always told me the statement “everyone’s doing it” was a lie.  But this statistic seems to tell a different story.  When did I become the minority?

I guess it really should be no surprise.  Sex saturates almost every aspect of our culture.  It’s in every ad, every television show, every movie, every song.  And I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t listen to the latest gossip on who is and isn’t sexually active at my old high school. It seems {almost} everyone is doing it.

At this point, I could probably give you a mile-long list of cookie-cutter reasons you should save yourself for marriage. 

You never have to worry about an unwanted pregnancy… Sexually transmitted infections won’t have to ever cross your mind… And {probably most important but also most overused in the Christian abstinence campaign} it’s how God created it to be—within the context of marriage.

But, to go along with the theme of this blog, I have another thought for you to consider.

Purity is beautiful.

God’s Word says in 1 Corinthians 6 to flee from sexual immorality, no other sin affects the body as much as this one.

I’ve watched the life leave the faces of dear friends as they gave themselves away to a guy who promised to love them forever.  I’ve seen firsthand the under-eye circles appear and worry-lines form as they discovered forever wasn’t as long as they imagined.

There is a reason depression rates increase among those who are sexually active.

On the other hand, the Bible seems to prize virginity.  In Genesis 24:15 Isaac’s future wife Rebekah was described as “stunningly beautiful, a pure virgin.”  The young virgin Tamar who was assigned to take care of King David in 1 Kings 1 was also portrayed as “stunningly beautiful.”  All the women gathered for King Xerxes in Esther were the most beautiful in the land—and all virgins.

In Song of Solomon 8:10 the young woman exclaims, “I was a virgin, like a wall… when my lover looks at me, he is delighted with what he sees.”

And the Bible isn’t the only place where purity is celebrated.  When the authors of For Young Women Only surveyed thousands of young men, a majority claimed they would prefer to marry a virgin.

Purity is beautiful.

I’m not stupid enough to think that statement is enough to stop you from having sex, but it is something to consider.  Because the truth is that purity is hard. 

Whether you’ve never kissed a guy before {good for you! keep avoiding all those germs} or you gave it all away a long time ago {praise the Lord for His unfailing love and unconditional forgiveness}, we all need as many reasons as possible to seek after purity.

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