Saturday, May 12, 2012

God knows best

I know. I haven’t written a blog post in forever. I am a horrible blogger. But the good news is I am out of school for the summer! This means I should have plenty of time to update you on the oh-so-interesting details of my life.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve moved back home for my final summer of college. For my last months of freedom before finishing college and entering the ominous yet alluring “real world,” I had big dreams of glamorous internships and once-in-a-lifetime study abroad trips. 

However, like always, God had other plans. You would think by now I had learned this lesson. That I’m not in control. That I can’t map out my life exactly how I want. That what I want isn’t necessarily what God wants.

But no, I was stunned as ever to learn I’d be packing my bags for small-town USA. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no place like home. From the moment I walk in the door I am overwhelmed with love. There’s no place on earth I feel most like myself and most loved for exactly who I am.

It’s just always an adjustment coming back. Moving back into my old room that now clearly belongs to my teenage brother. Living out of a suitcase all summer in my own home because there’s no room for my things. Checking in with my parents every single time I leave the house.

Then there is the fact that my closest friends are hundreds of miles away. And the ones I left behind in fall of 2009 have clearly established lives that I don’t really fit into anymore. At least living in a strange city last summer I had an excuse for not having many friends.

But, nevertheless, I’m confident this is where I am meant to be. And I plan on making the most of it. Monday I start an incredible job that I am so lucky to have. I also received a small {paid} internship at my university this summer that I can do from home. And that’s only the beginning. Here’s my Summer 2012 Bucket List:

1.     Regular blog posts. Now that school’s finally out and I’m not writing thousands upon thousands of words per week, I should find plenty of time to update my blog on a regular basis.

2.     Reach my goal weight. I’m 8 pounds away from that ever-coveted 125. It’s so close I can feel it. Maybe finally getting off caf food will be the push I need to make it.

3.     Put together my portfolio. This has been a goal for almost every break I’ve had in college. It’s a daunting task filled with endless nights of cutting newspaper clips, but it will be worth it to have all my work in one place.

4.     Read, read, read! Probably one of my few complaints about college is that I have no time to just read for fun. I’m too busy consuming textbooks to escape into a great fantasy novel. {I’m eager and open for any suggestions on what I should read! Please leave me a comment!}

5.     Do something spontaneous. It is my last summer of relative freedom after all! I want to try one new thing. Do something that I would never think of doing. Get out of my comfort zone. I just have to figure out what exactly that will be.

So there is what I plan to do and what I want to do, but I can’t guarantee you all those things will happen. After all, most of my plans end up in the trash anyway. But it can’t hurt having some goals and guidelines.

I just have to remember when plans go awry: God always knows best.

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