Sunday, May 20, 2012

small town survival guide

To be quite honest, I only miss a few things about my beloved John Brown University when I’m gone for the summer.

First and foremost, I miss my friends. So bad. No one is here to stay up with me late Thursday night eating ice cream watching One Tree Hill reruns and catching up on life. No one is here for Sunday night pickup games. No random Ke$ha outbursts. No hairy bagels. No super-cute boy with a dimple and grandpa shoes.

Secondly, I miss the proximity. Here it’s 20 minutes to the closest Walmart. Thirty minutes to the closest movie theater. And an hour and a half away from the closest shopping mall. {Gasp!}

And finally—the last thing I miss and the reason for this whole post—is my elliptical. If you walk into the cardio room at JBU, it’s the first one on the right. The one with the arm handles. The one I raced one stay-at-home-mother to every Monday and Wednesday morning. Yep, that one’s mine.


The workout gym/tanning salon/movie rental place where I normally work up a sweat while at home just closed. This means there are no ellipticals in a 30-mile radius to relieve the stress from my shins every other day. Thus, I’ve had to revise my workout plan. 

So, if like me, you are stuck at home with no equipment, no space and no elliptical, never fear. You can still get a good workout—both cardio and weight training.

Sunday, Tuesdays and Thursdays are my cardio days this summer. Mostly, I will be running {late at night, apparently}. My usual route is about three miles, but sometimes I like to mix it up and go a little farther.

However, running can get boring and be stressful on my knees and shins. So I hope to mix things up with swimming, jump roping and biking. Maybe I can even convince some of my friends here to come to the gym with me. That’s always a workout.

Mondays and Wednesdays are for weight training and high-intensity intervals. My process for creating a workout is actually pretty simple. I subscribe to both Self and Fitness, which are both full of ideas for strength building and toning. But even if you don’t subscribe, their websites are filled with workouts, all for free.

My workout consists of eight moves. I’m all for the toning {and less for the muscle building}, so all of the moves have high reps. I also choose moves that work my whole body, but if you wanted to focus on one muscle group, go for it.

Once I’ve chosen my eight moves, I’ll do two sets. In between each move, I’ll do 30-seconds of jump roping, jumping jacks or high knees. Depending on what moves I choose, the whole thing takes about 45 minutes.

To check out what moves I’m doing this week, go to the link below!

So this is my small-town survival guide for working up a sweat. Have any ideas or tips for me? Let me know in the comment box below!

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