Sunday, June 17, 2012

daddy's little girl

I would definitely consider myself a Daddy's girl. But if you were to ask him, Dad would probably say I stopped being a Daddy's girl a long time. Probably between the ages 10 and 12, when I started liking boys and thinking I knew everything.

But I would argue that I never stopped. To prove it, I've done what I do best. I made a list! Now, this little post could not possibly be long enough to contain all that Dad is to me {you wouldn't read that long}, but it definitely is a start.

After an hour long search, this is the best picture I could find of us--and I had to crop Mom out. The only other one, he wasn't looking at the camera. He's a lot thinner now, but there he is. My Daddy!

Here we go...

#1 Dad is the one who prayed with me those 15 years ago when I made the greatest decision of my life. He held my hand and led me in that sinner's prayer as I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. Growing up, I watched my father faithfully wake up every morning to read his Bible and pray. He has been an amazing example to my brothers and I of what a godly husband and father should be.

#2 Dad is my biggest fan--though I know several people who would probably fight him for that title. He made every single basketball game, he celebrated every report card and test score, and he still reads every article I write. He's the first person I wanted to see after I won my state championship, and he is still the first person I text after I win a simple intramural game. I always want to make him proud.

#3 Dad is my favorite coach. Whether I was on the field, track or court, Dad always had some words of wisdom. Some of my fondest memories include standing up against the fence in the backyard feeling ground balls he threw my way and shooting baskets on my new basketball goal on Christmas Day in the freezing rain. During games it never mattered how large or how loud the crowd, his voice was the only one I ever heard. 

#4 Dad is the one who taught me to be a good steward of my money. He got me my first checking account at age 12. From day one, I've been responsible for handling my money and balancing my bank statements. Because of him, I will never forget, every pay day, the first 10% {at least} goes to God, the next 10% {at least} goes to savings. I am so thankful he instilled this habit in me early.

#5 Dad is my favorite movie critic. I can always count on him to fill me in on the good, the bad and what Crosswalk has to say about every single movie. Tuesday night at the movies with Daddy has become my favorite part of the week this summer. His extensive DVD collection has always ensured I will never be bored on any given night.

#6 Dad is the one guy who has always protected my heart. He has effectively interrogated every single guy I have ever brought home. Not one has escaped the dreaded question, "What are your intentions with my daughter?" Not one stood a chance. He always says no guy could ever be good enough for his daughter. I'm still hoping he changes his mind.

#7 Dad is the one who understood--in a way Mom never could {that skinny-minny}--how I felt the first time I realized I could no longer eat french fries and ice cream for every meal. He's the one who keeps all the good fruit and veggies in the fridge. He's the one who asks about my workouts and keeps me accountable on my weight goals. He also never hesitates to tell me that I am beautiful just the way I am. I can always tell he means it.

#8 Dad is the one I call when I need some perspective. The past semester, we had several long phone sessions. I had worked myself up to the point of tears because "life just isn't fair." He didn't hesitate to snap me back to reality, remind me of all I have been blessed with, and assure me that God has a plan that is bigger and better than anything I could have for myself.

#9 This last one is a little hard to admit, but I guess I'll swallow my pride and say... Dad is the one who was always right. Growing up I was stubborn, strong-willed and skeptical about any advice he had to give. Looking back, I can easily see he rarely--if ever--steered me in the wrong direction.

I love my Daddy. I could never repay him for all the things he has done for me. I am the woman I am today because of him. And no matter what happens in these upcoming years, I can confidently say I will always be his little girl.

Happy Father's Day to the best dad a girl could ask for!

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