Saturday, July 27, 2013

the bucket list of a future dentist's wife

The husband started dental school yesterday! You can only imagine how proud I am. You can also only imagine how incredibly devastated I am. Still unemployed, the beginning of dental school means I will be spending the upcoming days alone in the house with very little to do. {You can only fill out applications and write cover letters for so many hours a day, people!}

So one of my dearest friends {and one of the most compassionate people I know}—Haley—decided that I needed to create a bucket list of sorts. A list of things I have always wanted to do to fill my free time and keep myself from going crazy. Because let’s face it, even if I do get a job, my poor husband will probably have his nose constantly in the books for the next four years.

These beautiful photos are from Kourtney Allyse Photography.
I have spent the last several days compiling a list of things I have always yearned to do but have always been too busy to pursue. Here’s what I have got so far:

#1 Sign up and train for a marathon. My current record mileage is 13.1, but I have always wanted to do the whole shebang. Maybe this is my year. The Little Rock Marathon is in March, so that gives me plenty of time to train, right? 

#2 Finish my Arkansas/Razorback wall of art. The “study” section of our little guesthouse has a blank wall that is kindly waiting for me to fill it with Razorback paraphernalia. Unfortunately, there are at least two art projects I need to complete to make this happen.

#3 Create a budget. Blah. This needs to be done. But despite having not one but two accountants for parents, numbers just aren’t my thing. And just the thought of sitting down and crunching numbers and figuring out all this big kid stuff makes me sick to my stomach. Gladly taking any advice in this area.

#4 Read, read, read. Read something fantastical and something romantic and something inspirational and something mysterious, etc. Read because there are no 100-page textbook assignments on my to-do list. Read because I can.

#5 Take that hot yoga class. Daniel quickly informed me that any yoga class I took would be the “sweating equivalent” of hot yoga with my overactive sweat glands, but it’s still on my bucket list. I always wanted to go with my housemate Abby last year, but school got in the way. Now we live one block away from a hot yoga studio. It’s now or never.

#6 Learn Spanish. Okay, I know, this is my “go big or go home” item, but why not? Somewhere in my parents home there is a list I made my senior year of high school of things I wanted accomplish in 10 years. Becoming fluent in Spanish is number one. If 2019 is my deadline, I only have 5.5 years to go.

#7 Surprise Daniel. Hopefully, this item will not be a one-time deal. I hope to regularly provide fun surprises for the love of my life. But if I put it on my bucket list, maybe it will inspire me to become creative and think of more awesome ways to make his day. 

#8 Memorize a verse of Scripture a week. Ever since I graduated from AWANA {Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed}, this spiritual discipline has eluded me. But to this day I can still recall verses I learned in AWANA right when I need them.

#9 Write more letters. The worst part of living in Memphis is being so far away from all my friends and family. It is almost like we live on different planets. I need to make an effort to stay connected, and there is not a more personal way to do that than with handwritten letters.

#10 Cook for new friends. This seems more like step eight in a list of circumstances that need to happen before this item can come to fruition. Step one would be to actually make some friends. Maybe this will give me a good reason to push outside my comfort zone.

#11 Plan a camping/hiking trip. Camping experiences #1 and #2 have been complete failures. So I am ready and willing to make new memories to replace the old – preferably when the weather gets less hot and humid.

#12 Random acts of kindness. It is so easy to become selfishly focused on my own problems and ambitions, but there are so many people I meet that could benefit from a little kindness. Whether paying for someone else’s meal or volunteering to babysit for free, there are a million little things I could do more often to share Christ’s love.

#13 Float our lanterns. Over the 4th of July weekend, Daniel and I bought two floating lanterns. We have yet to let them fly. Our yard is completely shaded with trees, so first I have to find the perfect place and time to let these babies go.

#14 Find the best BBQ. Barbeque is far from my favorite food, but I can’t deny that Memphis has the best around. Daniel’s brother challenged us to discover which BBQ joint served the best grub. About two restaurants down, a hundred more to go.

#15 Keep blogging, writing, designing, creating. I gave up blogging while in college, and I really regret it. It is the one place where I feel my God-given gifts are best put to use. You constantly hear the sentiment, “Do what makes you happy.” And nothing makes me more happy than when I am writing, designing and creating.

Okay, I know this blog post is getting on the long side, but I wanted to show you my first bucket list accomplishment. I got up early and surprised Daniel with breakfast in bed! Mmmmm… blueberry waffles!

Do you have a bucket list? What’s that one thing you desperately wish to cross off?


  1. LOVE THIS. first off, you MUST do hot yoga my friend. you will love it. secondly, i'd love to be a pen pal of yours. excited for your new life in Memphis!

  2. Thanks, Abby! Hot yoga was definitely inspired by you! I would also love to be your pen pal. I will message you our new address. Can't wait to hear about how camp is going!

  3. What a great idea of things to do. My hubby is in his last year of grad school and I WISH I would have made a list like this when he started. :-)

  4. Loved the last one...I keep telling myself once _____ (fill in the blank) happens I will have time to blog again. You've inspired me!

  5. This is a great list! I'm so glad I found your blog. it's inspiring me on things I could write about! :)