Saturday, August 17, 2013

i fall in love with you all the time

“To fall in love’s a battle almost every other night, 
but I fall in love with you all the time.”

I firmly believe that there is a song lyric for every mood or feeling you have ever experienced. That’s why my husband and I rarely see eye to eye on music – I judge a song based on my ability to relate to its message, not the awesomeness of its guitar solo.

So if I had to pick a song lyric to describe my first two months of marriage, this would be the perfect one. Daniel and I entered marriage with no false expectations that it would be easy – no, we had way too much premarital counseling, advice from older couples and instruction from books on marriage for that.

Daniel would frequently tell me during our engagement, “You are going to get so mad at me. I am going to irritate you more than any other person for the rest of your life.” I know, he’s a romantic like that.

And he’s right, I have gotten “so” mad at him. And I’ve irritatingly picked up wet towels off the bed and scrubbed toothpaste off the kitchen floor time and time again {don’t even ask about the latter}. And I know for a fact that I have been much, much less than a sweet, little princess to live with.

But, at the same time, I cannot think of a single night I have gone to bed and not thought, “I love this man beside me more than I have ever loved another person.” These past two months I have developed abs not from crunches and planks but from laughing so hard at my silly, ridiculous husband. And together we have explored Memphis and created memories that we will carry through the rest of our lives.

I know this is just the beginning – the best and worst are still to come – but I could not be more excited to see what God has planned for Daniel and me.

“We’re just beginning, can’t see the ending.”

These are the lyrics to “Fall in Love with You” by Old Daisy, which is the music to our wedding video preview we received this week from Storytime Productions. You watch it here!

Daniel + Jenny from Storytime Productions on Vimeo.

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