Thursday, August 8, 2013

t3: a guiltless taste of italy

Italian food is my absolute favorite genre of food. Pasta, alfredo, pizza, marinara – and let’s not forget the warm, delicious garlic bread – there’s probably not an Italian meal I wouldn’t eat. Unfortunately, most of these meals are loaded with carbs {can you pass me another piece of that melt-in-your-mouth bread please?} and only acceptable for pre-marathon meals when you have this low-metabolism body.

Fortunately, this Thursday Three has all the wonderful taste of Italy without all the guilt. Here are three of my favorite “skinny” Italian meals.

Jenny’s Tip: I used frozen chicken tenders, so there wasn’t any messy cutting. I also “double dipped” my chicken in the batter {a trick I learned as a cashier at a convenience store making fried chicken}, which means after I coated the chicken in butter and then breadcrumbs, I dipped it back in the butter and back in the breadcrumbs. AND, I did this without changing any of the ingredient quantities or upping the caloric intake.

Jenny’s Tip: I pan-seared a couple of chicken tenders and mixed it in with the tomatoes, cheese and basil before the last five minutes of cooking. This gave the meal some protein and also made sure my husband at least tried it. As an added bonus, this recipe is also gluten-free! I bought a large enough squash that I only ate half of mine for dinner and was able to have a tasty lunch the next day.

Jenny’s Tip: Every Wednesday night is Homemade Pizza Night at the Fish household. I use whole-grain flour, low-fat mozzarella cheese and turkey pepperoni to give this recipe a healthy makeover. Daniel’s a strictly traditional pepperoni pizza kind of guy, but I would love to branch out and try new healthy pizza topping options if anyone has any suggestions!

I’m always on the lookout for new Italian recipes that will leave me feeling great – OR, even some to try out on my calorie-splurge days. What’s your favorite Italian dish?

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