Thursday, August 22, 2013

t3: proudly wear your stripes

If I could add another item to my bucket list {and I can, it’s my bucket list}, it would be to never say the words “I have nothing to wear” again. But how do you do that without breaking your bank every month buying new clothes?

For the past couple of weeks I have read dozens of blog posts and magazine articles, scored Pinterest up and down and taken a good look at my own closet. My problem? Too many of my clothing purchases fall in the “trendy” category.

As a result, I love the piece for a couple months, but then it falls out of style and I am once again left with a closet full of clothes and “nothing to wear.” My solution? I need to build my wardrobe on a foundation of classic pieces.

I made a list of these classic pieces that were missing from my closet, and I have decided I am not allowed to buy anything that is not on that list. This will help me resist that trendy sundress that I love but definitely don’t need to add to my collection of 70 sundresses.

My first purchase was kind of surprising: the striped boatneck shirt. I would never have considered this a classic before {aren’t horizontal stripes supposed to make you look wider?}, but now I can’t stop thinking about all the possibilities it has to offer. If you don’t believe me, go to Pinterest, click on the “Women’s Fashion” category, and scroll through and count how many classic striped shirts you see.

Or, check out the three different ways I’ve paired my striped boatneck, which I purchased from Banana Republic on sale for $20. {I know, I totally scored!}

1. with denim shorts and a statement necklace

This look works perfect for those cooler summer days when you still want to look put together. The shorts also came from the Banana Republic sale rack {you should go check it out} and have a more professional look than their cutoff cousins in my closet. And the necklace I actually made myself {tutorial coming soon!}.

2. with floral and wedges

Perhaps my favorite part about this shirt is that it works as great as a neutral despite its pattern. I especially love pairing it with floral, such as this scarf for $5 at Charlotte Russe. It would also look great with a floral skirt and bright solid scarf, but I have paired it with Seven dark skinny jeans from TJMaxx and black wedges from Payless.

3. with a blazer and cropped pants

The main thing I want from my classic wardrobe are pieces that can be worn casually as well as for work. The shirt immediately becomes business casual when you add a blazer from Charlotte Russe and blue cropped slacks from Gap. And when you wear classic pieces, your personal style shines through with the accessories, such as this mint bubble necklace {which I received as a gift}, Michael Kors watch {also a gift} and black peep-toe pumps.

There are more classic pieces to come, but which items do you find yourself coming back to again and again?

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