Saturday, August 10, 2013

WPS - DIY "ready for football" canvas art

Exactly 21 days and three hours until the Razorback football season starts. {I have a countdown going on my phone.} The absolute best part about fall is college football Saturdays, and in this house we wear cardinal red and “Call. Those. Hawgs!”

I wanted to do something to get in the mood for football season, and since my first inclination was to purchase one of the many awesome Razorback outfits from RiffRaff’s Game Day Wear {so tempting}, I decided to steer my attention to a less expensive solution.

Tackling my DIY canvas art project for my Razorback wall not only helped build my anticipation but also allowed me to check something off my future dentist’s wife bucket list!

My inspiration for this project came from this post by More Than Just Desserts. Here are the supplies I used:
· 16” x 20” canvas
· 2” felt letters {purchased at Michael’s}
· cardinal red, black & white acrylic paint
· modge podge
· paint brushes
· & an awesome quote {WOOO PIG SOOIE RAZORBACKS!}

I already had the canvas, paint, modge podge and brushes from other projects, so this project only cost me {today} the price of the felt letters {less than $7}.

Jenny’s Tip: The project will cost less if you choose a quote that doesn’t have six letter o’s and forces you to buy multiple packages of felt letters. However, if you do choose a quote with six letter o’s, you can possibly only use one package if you do not mind using the zeros. Since it saved me over $12, I decided I didn’t mind.

Step 1: Take a ruler and pencil and draw straight lines where each line of text will go. My letters were each 2” tall and I left ½” between each line of text. So, I made a straight line every 2½”. You’ll be glad you did this step when it’s time to stick the letters to the canvas.

Jenny’s Tip: Always put your ruler in a safe place, especially if it is sparkly and fun and has your name on it. Rulers always disappear in my house and are never around when I need them.

Step 2: Before you take the back off the letters, place them where you want them to go on the canvas. If you’re like me, you’ll discover that one of the words or phrases doesn’t fit on the line have to make a creative adjustment.

Jenny’s Tip: Make sure you have someone else look at your placement and read your quote before you stick the letters down. You don’t want to finish the project to learn you’ve misspelled “sooie.”

Step 3: Stick your letters to the canvas. I used felt letters because they were the only letters I could find in the size I wanted. They were also very, very sticky, so the paint did not get under the letters. Scrapbook letters may be a better direction if you would like a more creative font, but they also will not stick to the canvas as well.

Step 4: Paint the white space. Pick the paintbrush based on the size of stroke you want, and just paint away! You can be as creative as you want, and you certainly do not have to do exactly what I did. But if you want to, I just started with my main color {red} and made horizontal strokes all over the canvas. Then I used the other colors {with the same brush} and filled in blank spaces. I just used my “artistic” eye to touch up until I thought it looked right.

Jenny’s Tip: Don’t forget to paint the sides of the canvas!

Step 5: Paint around the letters. I used a smaller brush that would be able to get the small spaces in between the letters. I tried to use the same technique above, starting with my base color and filling in with the accent colors.

Jenny’s Tip: After you are done with the little brush, go back over it with the big brush so that it doesn’t look different than the rest of the canvas.

Step 6: Wait. I know. It’s hard. But do it.

Jenny’s Tip: While you wait, you can go follow my blog on Bloglovin’. It’s a super-handy way to keep up with all the blogs you read in one place. And, they’ll let you know when I put up a new post!

Step 7: Once it’s dry, take off the stickers and put a coat of modge podge on it. From my experience, taking off the stickers did not produce clean, straight lines. And it wasn’t all the way dry when I coated it with modge podge, so the paint smeared a bit over the letters. But, that’s okay! I prefer the messy look.

Step 8: Enjoy your new piece of art! And don’t worry, I know I picked a funny placement for the canvas. But I have a few more projects in my head to finish to complete the arrangement.

And that’s it! Are you ready for football season now? I would love to see your variations of this project. What quote or colors would you use? Be sure to share your canvases with me when you finish!


  1. Replies
    1. Well now I know what to get you for Christmas. ;)

  2. You build that wall as a constant reminder of where your "heart and home" really are! Plus, delighted to see you are not wearing that awful orange color so many sport in your city.

    1. I will never wear Tennessee orange... Maybe I should have some artwork on the wall that says "Home is where the heart is."

  3. OH MY! That ruler? Silver, glittery, with your name on? I have EXACTLY the same one. Only that it says "Natalie". I didnt know they have them all around the world. Haha :)

    1. I'm pretty sure I have had it since 2nd grade! But I've lost it and found it again many, many times. Hope you're having a great week, Natalie!