Saturday, September 7, 2013

a year of dates

Tuesday I attended my first SideBySide meeting, an offshoot of the Christian Medical & Dental Association, where medical and dental students’ wives meet for Bible study. So many great girls attended, and there’s just something about being with other people who know exactly what you’re going through.

Ken, the leader of CMDA, came this week and gave us 11 steps for developing a sound marriage. All were so great to hear, especially when he explained how each played out in his own marriage. I would love to share all 11 with you if you are interested, but today I am only going to focus on No. 1.

Have a weekly date night.
I know this is important for all marriages, but as a dental school couple, it is something we have to work extra hard to make time for. When Daniel studies 24/7, we must really make an effort for quality time alone.

Ken suggested we choose a certain night and time every week. Then, we take turns deciding what to do. This way the pressure to decide is not all on one person's shoulders every time, and you know date night is coming so you have weeks to prepare.

However, I still have a feeling this would be a challenge for my sweet husband. Planning ahead is not something that comes easily or he finds important {I can’t decide if it is the prior or the latter or both}.

When we were dating, I once took the Pinterest idea ofpasting “52 Things I Like About You” onto a deck of cards and changed it to “52 Date Ideas” to help him out. But somewhere along the way he lost them.

So to help him and me and you, I’ve created another list, combining some from the card deck and some new ideas specific to Memphis. Feel free to borrow!

·      day at the zoo – panda time!
·      dinner & a movie - nothing wrong with a classic
·      recreate our first date - do you remember?
·      go on a bike ride - midtown bike company
·      attend a razorback game - oxford, please!
·      have a picnic - shelby farms
·      play basketball - it’s been forever
·      board game night - try something new
·      stargaze & let our lanterns go - finally!
·      tour downtown memphis - on segways
·      target practice - range usa date night
·      jump on trampolines – at skyzone

·      rock out at a concert – that we both will like
·      frisbee golf – let's try it!
·      get eats from a food truck – shelby farms sunday afternoon
·      bookstore scavenger hunt – who can find the funniest book title?
·      channel your inner child – playground, tag, hide & seek
·      rough it on a camping trip – make sure there’s good weather
·      spend the night at a nice hotel – can you say madison rooftop?
·      be a tourist – graceland, national civil rights museum
·      go to an animal shelter – adopt a puppy for a day
·      double feature at the drive-in movie – bring our own snacks
·      cheer on the memphis grizzlies – fedexforum
·      paint pottery – seize the clay
·      visit orpheum theater – hint: flashdance sept. 19 – 25

·      run a real 5k together – ha
·      rock climbing – bridges center rock wall
·      corn maze – mid south maze
·      video game night – zombies AND just dance
·      spa day – pedicures, please!
·      build a fort and watch disney movies – bucket list, anyone?
·      mini golf & go carts – you know where
·      try out a new restaurant – surprise me
·      attend a class – dancing, cooking, golfing
·      thrift store shopping – flashback
·      fast food marathon – order one item at each place
·      nerf gun war – good luck

·      try a new sport – tennis, golfing, batting cages
·      create something – make funny cards to send our friends
·      find the best chinese restaurant – where are they?
·      something sweet – icecream, cupcakes, chocolate
·      see the Peabody ducks – rooftop party
·      take me shopping – one store for me, one store for you
·      skating – ice or roller variety
·      museum day – brooks, childrens, rock n’ soul
·      mississippi sunset – mud island river park
·      brewery tour – ghost river
·      hiking – overton park old forest
·      watch a play – playhouse on the square
·      riverboat tour – might be cool?
·      wine tasting – botanical gardens
·      art gallery opening – fountain, etkin

Have any more ideas I should add to the list? I’m all ears!

P.S. I am a little bit {okay, a lot a lot} sick today, which is pretty unusual for me. I had all these great plans to try out for the blog this afternoon, but instead I’ve been up since 5:30 feeling miserable. So please pray for me, and for Daniel. I haven’t earned any sick days yet, so I need to feel better fast, and he should be studying for his test on Monday, not taking care of me. We both would appreciate it!


  1. You are so wise for one so young. Glad you are starting marriage with such sound advice. Many have received this advice from many years past, but few are wise to remember to follow it. Blessings on you guys. Love you more each time I read your posts. Praying for quick recovery. Love,"Ms Robin"

    1. Thank you Mrs. Robin! We need to get together soon. I think Mrs. Fish is coming to visit this weekend, maybe we can all get together and have dinner. Thank you for your prayers.


  2. Thanks, Stephanie. We are slowly, but surely, working our way through this list. But, I'll definitely have to add some of your ideas to the one I keep in my phone.