Thursday, September 26, 2013

t3 - fighting off the snack attack

Lately, I am constantly being attacked by the snack monster. I’ll be sitting in my cubicle or watching some New Girl, and I’ll start craving some certain unhealthy snack food.

The salty: Lay’s Baked Potato Chips, Movie Theater Popcorn, Tater Tots
The sweet: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Animal Crackers, Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked Ice Cream
The cheesy: Flaming Hot Cheetos, Parmesan Cheez Its, Goldfish – the Snack that Smiles Back

You name it, and I crave it.

So in effort to fight the unhealthy cravings with some healthy substitutes, I went in search of some good-for-you snack recipes that didn’t include carrot sticks and grapes.

Here are my first three attempts:

Recently, I had roasted chickpeas as a topping on my salad from Local restaurant and they were absolutely delicious, so I thought I would give it a try. If you Pinterest search “healthy snack recipes,” you’ll get about 50 different kinds of roasted chickpeas. I chose this recipe because I already had all the ingredients in my kitchen {of course}.

The result? Disgusting. Okay, maybe disgusting is too harsh of a word, but they weren’t very good. They were greasy, and while some were crunchy, most were mushy in the middle like a normal chickpea. Imagine mushy chickpeas covered in brown sugar and cinnamon… Ew.

I did some research later in an attempt to correct my wrong. And some recipes suggest you use paper towels to dry the chickpeas out before you roast them so they will be crunchier. Maybe I will give that a try and get back to you.

I have two words for you: five ingredients. And, it only took about five minutes of preparation and 30 minutes cooking time. Yes, this recipe was right down my alley. Daniel and I LOVE our cereal. At any point of time we will have three different kinds in our cupboards. It’s our go-to breakfast.

The healthier kinds are always more expensive, though – and the non-expensive granola is saturated in sugar. I also love to throw granola on my fruit and yogurt or mix it with nuts and Craisins or just eat it on its own.

The result? “It tastes like my favorite oatmeal cookie but it’s not a cookie!” Those were the first words out of Daniel’s mouth. It took all my effort not to get him to eat the whole batch then and there. I wanted to save some for my morning breakfast. And doesn’t it look delicious?

{BTW - The Honour System is one of my favorite food bloggers. She's all about quick recipes with simple ingredient lists!}

I was first introduced to this idea by my good friend Haley. You might remember her – it was also her idea to make a dental school wife bucket list. Let’s just say, Haley is full of good ideas. She also loves cookie dough more than any person I know, so it makes sense that this recipe would come from her.

Not only did I already have all the ingredients for this recipe, but it took less than five minutes to make. Which means you are only five minutes away from a batch of healthy, protein-packed cookie dough. That’s like every girl’s heaven.

Also great about this recipe is that I didn’t have to measure anything out. I just added ingredients until I thought everything tasted right. But don’t be like me and forget the vanilla extract! As Daniel said, it takes the edge off the Greek yogurt.

BTW - I made the the cookie dough greek yogurt halfway through writing this blog post, and I finished it before I could hit "post." It's that good.

As you can see I’m still missing some healthy salty and cheesy snacks, so my search will have to continue. If you have any favorites, please send them my way!

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