Saturday, September 21, 2013

football food

Lately, my Saturday posts have been dedicated to the Razorbacks, and this one is no different. Unfortunately, I’m writing late in the day, and my beloved Hawgs’ fate has been sealed in the most unfortunate of ways. However, if my fandom could survive last season, it can survive a blown 17-point lead at Rutgers.

Thankfully, this post’s focus will not be on the outcome of the game, but the preparation for it. If you remember item #10 on my bucketlist of a future dentist’s wife {don’t worry, I had to look it up, too}, I wanted to open up our home to new friends.

With all my Razorback dishes and some party supplies from the mother-in-law, we knew our first get-together would have to be a game-watching party. And football means food – the easy, cheesy, calorie-laden food that you pile up on paper plates and eat with your fingers.

Isn't this guy cute? Daniel made the cookies, and there were none left!
But feeding 13+ people on a budget is almost as tricky as stuffing 13+ people in our guesthouse living room. Here’s what I did:

#1 I picked a game at 2:30 p.m., so it’s too late for lunch and too early for dinner and you don’t need heavy, filling food.

#2 I surfed the web looking for easy finger foods. My requirements are pretty simple: there needs to be less than 5 ingredients and the preparation needs to be less than 30 minutes.

#3 I chose one chip & dip, one meaty and one sweet recipe. My choices are below.

#4 I asked my guests to bring drinks, and if your guests were sweet like my guests and insist on bringing a finger food, let them!

Though the final score was less than optimal, we still had a great time. I met a couple new people and got to know others even better.

My favorite part of the day? Getting the house and food ready for our guests with Daniel. “We should get jerseys, because we make a good team” {Relient K, anyone?}. But really, he was a HUGE help, and it was great working together for a common goal.

Below are my chosen recipes, pictures, links and some tips from me. And they all turned out great if you ask me!

You can’t get any more football classic than cheese dip and tortilla chips, and this recipe was so easy it wasn’t even funny. It took me five minutes to prepare it, and then I stuck it in the fridge until about 20 minutes before the game.

Jenny’s Tip: Make sure you read the whole recipe and check serving sizes. I had Daniel make a last minute grocery run because I found out this wouldn’t make enough dip!

I thought about just making a pizza, but I decided this would be more fun and last longer. I initially just bought a can of pre-made pizza crust, but then quickly realized it wasn’t going to go very far. So I used this recipe from Mom on Timeout that Daniel and I usually use for our homemade pizza nights to make some more.

Jenny’s Tip: A little dough will go a long way. At first I was grabbing big chunks, but once I got a hang of it, I realized I could make similar sized bites with less dough.

I’ve made this recipe several times before, and Daniel’s college friends would eat them up in minutes. I love how simple the recipe is yet with an incredibly delicious outcome. Cake box recipes are the best!

Jenny’s Tip: Buy the Rolo minis that come in the standup bag. That way you don’t have to unwrap the foil off of each individual Rolo.

What’s your favorite football food? I’d love to hear your recipes!

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