Thursday, September 5, 2013

t3 - early & often

When Daniel and I started premarital counseling all of five months ago, I quickly picked up on a phrase that would be used constantly throughout our sessions.

“Early and often.”

During our meetings it would be used to explain how to form habits for a healthy marriage. Pray together, early and often. Forgive quickly, early and often. Take out the trash, early and often.

And though it’s a phrase I so easily associate with marriage, I realize its message is key for any new adventure. So as I enter the rhythm of a new job, it’s a point I want to remember.

As I begin this new journey, I want to establish healthy habits “early and often,” and I’ve tried to do just that. Though it’s only the first week of the job, here are three habits I’ve already implemented. 

1. Drink plenty of water. I used to be really great at consistently drinking water. Then I moved into the townhouses my senior year of college, and suddenly I had no easy access to ice or filtered water.

Usually I’m not picky about drinking tap water, but even I couldn’t handle the water straight from the sink. My water-drinking habit plummeted, and some days I would realize I hadn’t swallowed a single drop.

Now that I have access to an endless supply of ice and filtered water, I have no excuse. I force myself to constantly sip that hydrating goodness, even if I make way too many trips to the ladies room. I’m shooting for three full water bottles a day.

2. Create a fitness routine. Anyone who knows me even a little bit can tell you “spontaneity” really isn’t my thing. So making my workout of the day into a guessing game is the worst thing I could possibly do.

If I don’t have some kind of plan in my head, the workout is likely not to happen at all. So based on what I know of my working schedule, I’ve created a routine to keep me on track. With a career like mine, it certainly can’t be set in stone, but it’s a great starting point.

Sunday: Afternoon – One Hour Elliptical / Arms – slow & steady
Monday: Morning – Outdoor Run / Abs – 4 miles
Tuesday: Morning – Full Body  / Intervals – feel the burn
Wednesday : Rest – Hump Day – Busy Day
Thursday: Outdoor Run / Abs – Intervals – 30 minutes
Friday: Full Body / Intervals – get it, girl!
Saturday: Long Outdoor Run / Abs – 6+ miles

One of these days I will write an in-depth post about what each of those items actually means.

3. Eat more veggies. I have to admit that of the three habits listed, this is the one I have failed to implement “early and often.” With Labor Day and those to-die-for cupcakes and the new job and introductory lunch dates and long days and being tired, I haven’t been able to stick to my healthy meal plans like I wanted to.

But hopefully that will change soon. I want to start “Meatless Mondays.” Daniel doesn’t know this yet so don’t burst his bubble if you talk to him {let's see if he actually reads my blog}. I also want to pack my own healthy lunches instead of going out. Not only is it expensive, but it’s also so hard to order a salad with all the other delicious options on the menu.

Today I went to a new restaurant and I forced myself to eat a smoked salmon salad instead of a burger with sweet potato fries. That’s at least one win in the books!

So there you go – my early and often health plan. What healthy habits have you established in your routine?


  1. I hate sitting in front of a computer all day long! Fortunately, we have standing desks at work. I usually sit in the mornings and stand in the afternoons.

    Congrats on the new job, btw!

    1. I also hate sitting in front of the computer. That's awesome that you have standing desks. I'm still so new to the job that I feel awkward taking a "walking break" every half hour or so, but maybe when I get more comfortable I can stretch my legs some. And thank you! I'm loving it!