Thursday, October 31, 2013

t3 – classic wardrobe: white button-up shirt

Confession: buttoned shirts are my fashion fear. Though a staple in a professional wardrobe, I tend to steer clear of this classic piece.

Just like the polo, my athletic build makes them an awkward fit. Too tight in the shoulders, but too long in the sleeves. I have to look for petite shirts with stretch.

So I knew as soon as I put a white button-up shirt on my classic wardrobe wish list, that it was going to be difficult search. And even now that I’ve made a purchase, I am not 100 percent satisfied.

I must have tried on a dozen shirts before I found the right one at TJMaxx. The material was not as stretchy and the fit was not as tight, but it was only $16 and it had adjustable sleeves. As in, I can literally make the sleeves three different lengths without literally rolling them up, and it looks the same – perfect for a petite girl like me.

But this one shirt gives me so many options that it’s a dozen times worth its price tag. Check out the three ways to style this piece below:

1. Layered Under

shirt -TJMaxx (similar, similar), sweater - Forever21 (old - similar, similar), jeans - Gap, shoes - Target, necklace - gift (similar), bag - Robert Matthew, watch - Michael Kors
The neutral color makes it perfect for wearing under sweaters, cardigans and dresses. I put this look together last minute for church, but I have also worn it with gray dress pants for work. I am thinking about pairing my white button-up shirt under my little black dress, too.

2. With Brightly-Colored Bottoms

shirt -TJMaxx (similar, similar), pants - Crazy Beautiful, shoes - Payless (old - similar), bag - Robert Matthew, necklace - H&M (old - similar), watch - gift
Bright red ankle pants can seem a little daring, but combine it with a subtle top and the right jewelry and it makes for a fun look. The blank canvas of the white-button up is perfect for pairing statement necklaces. I also loved the shirt with my turquoise peplum skirt or my flower-patterned black and lime green skirt.

3. Layered Over

shirt -TJMaxx (similar, similar), t-shirt (one of a kind, made by my best friend Kay - similar), jeans - Target (old - similar), shoes - RiffRaff (same at 6pm)

I really wish I had a pair of boyfriend jeans for this look. But I promised myself that those would be my reward for losing the extra pounds and getting back into my healthy range. Still, this is a fun, more casual way to wear your white button-up. Perfect for the early fall days to protect from the sun but still stay cool.

What’s your favorite way to wear a white-button up shirt?

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