Saturday, November 9, 2013

4 simple goals... before 2014

Elsie and Emma over at A Beautiful Mess always inspire me to try new things. Their blog is filled with ideas for decorating your home, messing around in the kitchen or finding a new favorite fashion piece. If you like pretty things, clever words and tasty treats like me, then you’ll need to head over there right now  as soon as you finish reading my post and do some browsing.

But today, Elsie and Emma have inspired me to do something I love to do: set goals. The purpose of their post “Four Simple Goals… before 2014” is to encourage you to “create healthy, life-enriching habits during the busiest time of the year.” 

They have several rules for these goals – they have to be activity-oriented, make your life richer not busier, etc. – which you can read about here.
I have decided to create goals that require me to slow down and enjoy the busy holiday season instead of adding to the rush and the hurry and the worry.  This is my first Christmas as a newly-wed, and I want to cherish this special time, not stress my way through it.

1. Establish a Fish family Christmas tradition. I am not sure what this will be yet, but I have a few ideas. Maybe we will bake cookies from scratch for Santa each year. Maybe we will find a creative way to give to someone who needs it. Maybe we will give each other ornaments (stole that idea from my best friend, Kay). Any other ideas?

2. Create a holiday budget. I have actually already done this one, but the hard part will be sticking to it. Gifts can be so expensive, but if you take your time to find personal, thoughtful gifts, it will not matter the price tag! I have some DIY projects up my sleeve, and I’ll be happy to share those with you {once the holidays are over and everyone has received my gift}.

3. Stick to my workout schedule. I promised to share this one with you a while back, and I think I have worked out the kinks enough to write a post. Lately, it has been so easy just to hit my snooze button. But with all those scrumptious holiday meals coming, my body will be much happier if I stick to my fitness routine.

4. Join my first link-up. Since I am still fairly new to the blogging world, I have been trying to find my voice and gain some momentum before I get involved with other blogs. But now I feel is the perfect time, and mostly because I have found the perfect link-up. One of my favorite bloggers, Elizabeth from Oak + Oats is teaming up with Elah Tree for The Great Christmas Exchange

The best part about this link-up is that you don’t have to be a blogger to participate. So if you’re eager to meet new people and join the spirit of giving, head over to Oak + Oats and sign up by Monday, November 18th. Then, a week later, you will receive a person’s name and a different person will receive your name, creating one big gift-giving circle. The limit is $20, so this exchange will spread the joy without breaking any banks. 

There they are! Do you have any goals for the holiday season? OR, do you have any ideas for our Fish family Christmas tradition?

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