Saturday, November 2, 2013

back pocket costumes

Last night we finally got to dress up in our costumes for Halloween. For those of you who didn’t guess in my “3 hints of Halloween” post, we went to our party dressed as Nick and Jess from “The New Girl.”

I should never have bangs, right?

If we had put more time and thought into the costume, I would have made the frame from the show’s intro for Daniel to carry around, but we had a late start brainstorming this year.

So, in an attempt to plan ahead for next year so we can deliver a stellar costume, I’m compiling a list of couple’s costumes I saw and loved, but didn’t have time for this year. It will be a nice to have some ideas in my back pocket for next October.

Of course, Daniel has already informed me that he will be dressing up as the Easter Bunny next year (I honestly don't know), but if I come up with a good idea he will join. His latest idea is for him to dress up as the Easter Bunny, and for me to dress up as Hog’s Guy – his latest twitter crush. He still has plenty of time to forget.

My Favorite Couple’s Costume Ideas:

·      Katniss & Peeta – This Hunger Games couple was our runner-up in ideas this year. Easy, but fun.

·      Struck by Lightning – He wears all black with a huge poster cutout of a lightning bolt. She wears burnt clothing and a burnt umbrella with her hair teased big.

·      Sandy & Danny – Grease is one of my favorite movies. And this stunning couple will get heads turning. You just have to be comfortable in tight leather pants, or go pre-makeover Sandy.

·      Woody & Jessie – You can’t go wrong with a Toy Story classic. And this takes the standard “cowboy” getup to the next level.

·      Pacman & Mrs. Pacman – It will take some creativity, but if executed properly, could be a real winner.

·      Tooth & Tooth Fairy – a) It’s punny & b) it gives me an excuse to wear a tutu.

·      Wenda & Waldo – I used to have a “Where’s Waldo?” game when I was little. And this is a cute and easy throwback costume.

·      Daisy Buchanan & Jay Gatsby – Can you think of a more fabulous costume? Sequins and glitter and pure gorgeousness. And, Daniel would look great in a tux, too.

·      Little Red Riding Hood & the Big Bad Wolf – But of course, I would be the big bad wolf and Daniel would be Little Red.

·      Tiffi & Mr. Toffee – From Candy Crush! It’s pretty much taking over everyone’s lives anyway.

What are your favorite couple's costumes from this Halloween?


  1. This isn't from this year, but next year we're going to do a "Labyrinth" theme (my inner nerd is showing).

  2. I have to admit, I've only seen clips of the film from when a group did a project on it in my film class. You are talking about the movie, right? Either way, those will be some fabulous costumes. Can't wait to see them!