Thursday, November 28, 2013

t3 - 3 x 3 x 3 things to be thankful for

Thankfulness has been the theme of God’s lessons for me since I moved to Memphis back in June. Through this ongoing transition into a new marriage, a new city, a new job and a new everything, God has emphasized over and over that thankfulness is the key to contentment.

When everything is new and exciting, yet incredibly difficult and challenging, it is easy to lose sight of this simple truth. Thankfully (ha), this month has been one big, constant reminder for me to be thankful for all the blessings in my life AND all of the trials.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 specifically states, “Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.”

I usually do a list of three on Thursdays, but only sharing three things I am thankful for is just not nearly enough to express all of the gratitude in my heart. So here are 3 x 3 x 3 things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving (I think that’s 27, but I’m could be wrong).

I am thankful for…

1. a gracious and holy God, who loves me and walks beside me.

2. disrupted plans, to remind me I am not in control of my life.

3. a cute and funny husband, who brings sunshine and happiness to every day.

4. a sometimes frustrating and disagreeable husband, who teaches me to be more Christ-like in my actions and words.

5. not one, but two families who continually give encouragement and support.

6.  the move far from home, to help me appreciate even more the love and comfort I’ve left.

7. an awesome job that continually teaches me invaluable skills in my career of choice.

8. the challenge and stress this job brings, for teaching me to trust God more and myself less.

9. our current living arranges, for being both comfortable and affordable.

10. laundry, dish-washing, vacuuming and dusting, because it means we have a place to live.

11.  distant friends who teach me the importance of intentionality, though I often fail.

12. new friends who teach me the importance of community, though I often fail.

13. a healthy body that can run and work out and be active.

14. the weight gain, the acne and the struggle, for helping me see beauty through God’s eyes and not the world’s.

15. the ability to write and blog and freely share both joy and pain.

16.  that joy and pain I have experienced and shared, which has helped or encouraged others.

17. John Brown University, for adequately preparing me for my job, but more importantly for life.

18. long nights of studying, working on the newspaper and socializing in college, for teaching me the value of rest and sleep.

19.  the ability to cook and provide nutritional and affordable meals for my husband and I.

20. the chore of cooking dinner because it means we have good food to eat.

21. dental school and the education and skills it is giving my husband.

22. dental school and the patience and intentionality it is giving me.

23. a new city to explore and enjoy and have new experiences with my husband.

24. the crazy traffic, for giving me a newfound love for my small town life.

25.  the holiday season, with all its family and friends and joy and warmth.

26. the cold weather, for giving me an excuse to cuddle and get in bed at 8 o’clock.

27. the wonderfully complex life God has given me and all the experiences, joys and trials He has already recorded in my book.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! What are you thankful for this holiday season?

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