Saturday, December 14, 2013

DIY Christmas Tree

When you walk into Daniel’s childhood home in December, a massive Christmas tree covered in homemade ornaments greets you. Every time I see it, my first though is amazement of the number of memories that tree must hold. My second thought is, “Man, Daniel and his brother made A LOT of ornaments growing up.”

Nevertheless, when it was time to decorate our apartment-size Christmas tree, Daniel wanted the nostalgia of homemade ornaments. I believe his exact words were, “I don’t want one of those silly Dr. Suess trees.” {He’s referring to the highly decorative trees you sometimes see in flower shops with gigantic ornaments.}

So a trip to Hobby Lobby later and I had only one cylinder of gold bulbs and the supplies to make several homemade ornaments. Together the two of us had a special date night and DIY’d our tree. Here are some of the ornaments we made:

1. Felt Balls by Strawberry Chic
I wanted a red and gold tree with natural cream accents. This ornament was homemade enough to satisfy Daniel, and cute enough to satisfy me. And, even better, I only needed to buy two things: Styrofoam balls and felt. I also needed a hot glue gun. Unfortunately, it took me all night to make this one ball. It took two sheets of felt and I was so exhausted that I haven’t made another. This is the lone felt ball on our tree, though it would be awesome of there were more.

2. Initial Ornaments by me
I didn’t just want the tree to be filled with homemade ornaments; I wanted a real personal touch. So for a real cheap price, I picked up these four-inch letters, Daniel painted them red and gold, then I glued ribbon on the back. Now they sit front and center on our tree.

3. Book Page Ornaments by The Crafted Sparrow
This was another simple decoration to make with few supplies. Daniel {such a sweetheart} went and bought me an old hymnal on the cheap. Then I used some Christmas scrapbook paper and some of my button collection, and five minutes later we had some beautiful snowflake ornaments. Currently, there are only two on our tree, but maybe I’ll make a couple more this weekend.

4. Wooden Block Ornaments by me
I was slightly inspired by these ornaments from Shanty 2 Chic, but these are totally my own creation. My friends kept posting their “first Christmas together” ornaments, and I wanted some of my own. So I printed out some wallet-size wedding photos and modge-podged them to the side of red-painted {by Daniel} wooden blocks. On the opposite side, I modge-podged some scrapbook paper. And then on the remaining two sides, I painted cute phrases like “D&J first Christmas” in gold paint. Afterward, I hot glued ribbon on the top to hang them with. I’m pretty satisfied. If I did it again, I would glue the ribbon on differently, though, so they hang straight.

5. Painted Clay Ornaments by Hobby Lobby
And if those aren't enough, this is the perfect first Christmas ornament. I just picked this and other shapes out from the Hobby Lobby children’s section for decorating ornaments. Then I gave Daniel a paintbrush and my whole supply of acrylic paint, and let him do his thing. Now we have several beautiful masterpieces on our tree. And absolutely none of them have crude drawings on them {I’d say that’s a win, Mama Fish}.

The rest of our tree is filled with ribbon and bows and those gold bulbs. It’s definitely nothing you would find in a magazine, but it’s perfect to me. Now if I can just find a tree skirt that’s not ridiculously priced…

Is your tree a “pretty” tree like the gorgeous one in my mother’s home, or is yours a “messy” {but beautiful} tree like ours?

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  1. So cute! I love the LOOK of those overdone trees but I love the MEANING behind the ones with unique ornaments, like yours. :)

  2. I completely agree with you. Maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to have both.

  3. Homemade ornaments are the best and I love "messy" trees! That's all we had growing up.

    Last year I got some pretty, shiny-looking fabric and wrapped it around the bottom of my tree. It definitely wasn't as pristine as a normal tree skirt, but I liked the way it looked. Something like that might go well with your DIY tree. :)

  4. That's a great idea! And fabric would be way cheaper than those $60 tree skirts at Hobby Lobby.

  5. this is so cute & looks like so much fun!!! you guys will always have the memories of making your ornaments for your first Christmas! i love the photo blocks & initials! it looks really classy & personalizes your tree as well!

  6. Thank you, Robyn! The photo blocks are probably my favorite ornament. They were simple, but still very personal.

  7. ah! i love this. and i love that your hubs actually wanted to do crafts with you. haha! that is the best.