Saturday, December 28, 2013

favorite gifts to get

Like I said before, my wish list this Christmas was pretty relaxed. And by that I mean there just wasn’t anything on it that I had. to. have. Sure, I there are plenty of things that I want, but I knew that no matter what I wouldn’t be disappointed with what was under the tree for me. 

Still, my family and friends pulled through and delivered some pretty awesome gifts. 

the i’m a big girl now bag

I think my mom was giving me the hint that my brightly colored flower-power computer case wasn’t office appropriate. I completely agree. This beautiful bag is sleek and versatile and can double as a laptop case AND a purse - meaning I don’t have to lug three or four bags into work every morning.

the yes I’m crazy the crazy girl who asked for workout dvds

My lack of exercise the past month has really gotten me thinking on what kind of workout schedule works best for my life right now. The gym isn’t a two-minute walk away anymore, and that five minute drive sounds awfully unappealing at 5 a.m. But for some reason, I can get up and walk ten steps into our living room just fine. So, I’m exploring the world of workout DVDs, starting with Insanity, thanks to this awesome gift from my in-laws. I’ll start the program January 6 and keep up with my progress on the blog.

the it must be true love frisbees

Our first Christmas as husband and wife and… we unknowingly get each other the same gift: a frisbee golf set. It must be true love. Back in August Daniel mentioned that it would be a fun activity to do together. I made a mental note and didn’t mention it again, thinking it would be a great Christmas gift. Daniel says he remembers me saying that I wanted to do more activity-driven dates instead of sit-down, eat and watch tv dates, so he thought I would love an activity we could do together. What can I say? Great minds think alike.

Honestly, I got a ton of great gifts and I wish I could dedicate a paragraph to each, but that would be one really long blog post. Instead, I’m sure the gifts will pop up into future blog posts - like the recipes my brother & sister-in-law gave me or the Aztec printed scarf from Kay and the cute scarf-holder from Nana.

And, be sure to come visit on January 7, so I can show you what I received {and gave} for the Great Christmas Exchange link-up!


  1. Hahaha... so cute that you guys got each other the same thing! :)

  2. love the "big girl" bag :) & it's so funny that you guys got each other the same gift! you are truly meant to be together & know each other really well :) that's awesome! glad you had a great first Christmas!

  3. Yes, and completely random. Guess I know what we'll be doing this spring!

  4. Thanks, Robyn! It's perfect for work. And, I can't wait for the weather to get warmer so we can try them out. I hope you had an awesome Christmas, too!