Thursday, December 26, 2013

t3 - favorite gifts to give

Have you seen this Christmas ad from the UK company John Lewis? The little boy impatiently counts down the days to Christmas. He can’t eat. He can’t sleep. He can’t even play he’s so anxious. On Christmas Eve he scarfs down his meal and goes to bed before the sun can set.

On Christmas morning, he wakes up so excited. He runs straight to past the pile of presents by his bed to the closet where there’s a special gift. He takes that gift to his parents room to wake them up and present them with that special gift he’s waited all month to give them.

So sweet. Don’t tell, but I might have shed a tear or two the first time I watched it.

I’ve felt kind of like that little boy this Christmas. I didn’t really have anything on my list that I couldn’t wait to get, but I did have several gifts that I put a lot of time and thought into that I couldn’t wait to give.

I plan on sharing tutorials for the DIY gifts later, but until then, here are my three {or four} favorite gifts to give.

1. For my Mom & Mom-in-Law - Chicken-wire Frame & Sunshine Print

Both my Mom & Mom-in-Law love the song “You are My Sunshine.” They sang it to Daniel and me when we were little. I hand-lettered the lyrics and had them printed with the rest of my gift card money from Moxy Ox. {If you want one, I am selling them for $3 each.} I made and painted the frame to coordinate with their living room colors. I even knew the perfect place for Mom to put it!

2. For my Dad & Nana - Chalkboard Coffee Mug

Dad & Nana are the coffee drinkers in my family. I usually get Dad some kind of mug, but I wanted it to be a little personalized. I wrote cute little messages just for them. Dad loves anything that says he’s right. And Nana just loves anything made by me.

3. For my Sister-in-Law - Teacher Water Bottle

A month or so ago I saw a teacher water bottle that read “eat, drink, teach.” I loved the concept, but the water bottles were cheap plastic and kind of tacky. I knew I could make a classier version for my sister-in-law. I even personalized it with her name.

Bonus - For my Brother - Grizzlies v. Spurs Tickets

Sometimes the best gifts are bought - though I try to avoid that as much as possible. And this was the first one I picked out. Clay - my oldest {but still younger} brother - loves Spurs basketball, but he’s never been to a game. I wanted to make that happen AND give him a reason to come visit us in Memphis. Luckily for me, the Grizzlies play the Spurs while Clay is still on Christmas break. So he’ll come visit us in a couple of weeks! {I wish I had video-taped his reaction to the gift. It was the best feeling ever to see how much he loved it!}

What was your favorite gift to give?


  1. GIVING gifts is the best part of Christmas! I swear, if I wasn't scared of going completely broke or looking like a creep I'd give people presents like it was Christmas all year long! Love that chicken wire and print!

  2. Giving must be your love language {have you heard of those?}. I wish it was mine, but thinking of gift ideas doesn't come naturally, which is probably why I am so excited when I think of something good! And, thank you very much!

  3. You're so welcome! I'm glad you like it. And, yes, it was priceless - worth getting bear-hugged and tackled {3 times! - I hope that doesn't become a family tradition}.