Thursday, December 12, 2013

t3 - my christmas wish list

Disclaimer: I am writing this post mostly for my husband. I love him, but he’s a procrastinator. And I know he’s going to ask me a week before Christmas what I want. I’ll just refer him to this post.

‘Tis the season for giving. And I have had so much fun picking out and making gifts for my loved ones. But it would be a lie if I said I didn’t enjoy receiving gifts a little bit, too.

Growing up, my parents always had each of us children write out a Christmas wish list each year. I’m pretty sure they only needed my brothers to do this, but they asked me as well just to be fair. I’m ridiculously easy to buy for.

Looking back, it’s kind of funny how my wish list has changed over the years. In high school it was always the latest gadget – a Gameboy, an iPod, an iPhone. In college it was the things I needed but didn’t have the money to pay for – a new winter coat, running shoes, a curling iron.

This year I had trouble coming up with a significant list. {Just give me money – I’m broke and want to go shopping!}

I’ve actually already received about half of my gifts {keeping those a secret until after Christmas}, and I’m pretty sure the other half of my gifts have already been purchased. So this is just for fun – or for anyone who might be waiting until the last minute.

I know, I know, I just bought a new pair of tennis shoes. But those were running shoes. And a fun fact about feet – they need different shoes for different workouts. After the New Year, I’ll be starting an *insane* high-intensity interval workout, so I’ll need shoes with extra support on the sides as well as extra cushioning. After doing some research, it looks like Avia comes out on top for the best cross training shoes. I’m loving these purple ones.

Cara from Maskcara is easily my favorite beauty blogger. She is real, down to earth, incredibly helpful and stunningly beautiful. She just released the HAC makeup she has been creating for a year and dreaming about for a lifetime. I honestly can’t wait to try it out, but it’s way more expensive than my drugstore make up – so it would be the perfect gift. Most people need the medium coverage (which they are unfortunately sold out of) and I’m really digging the shortcake blush.

3. iPhone 5 Cover


My poor iPhone has been naked for the past couple of months. I got the new iPhone 5s as a company phone, and my old case covered up the home button and wouldn’t let me use the fingerprint scan {first world problem #1}. It also made my phone too big to fit in my cute new phone wallet {first world problem #2}. I’ve been all over Etsy looking at cute personalized phone cases, and I couldn’t decide on just one. I'm loving the subtle neutrals and that lovely "J" that will go with every outfit from HelloDelicious on the left. Glitter, mint & chevron - the middle one from SimplyMonogrami5 was made just for me {if my name were Lauren}. And I would love to rep my state love {Arkansas, of course} with the case from LovelyCaseCo on the right.

What’s on your Christmas wish list this year?


  1. Well you have to keep the phone safe, it's only practical :) I always tell John what I want too. He claims he wants to surprise me but... he always gets something off my list!

  2. gotta love a good Christmas list:) hopefully your hubby sees this.

  3. I love the disclaimer on this, ahahah! I loooove MaskCara! :D

  4. Daniel said he is just like John. I always say gift-giving isn't his love language, and that's okay. He shows he loves me in different ways.

  5. He pulled it up and read it at dinner tonight. Now he's moderating all my responses to comments. :)

  6. The best part is that Daniel admits that it's true. And MaskCara is my favorite. I read every. single. post.