Saturday, January 25, 2014

...and i said yes!

Exactly one year ago today, Daniel asked me to marry him. I’m not sure why I can easily remember this date, but the exact date of our wedding always slips me up. Since I started seriously blogging after we were married, I haven’t written much on our history. I thought today might be appropriate.

I knew I wanted to marry Daniel in January of 2012, so as you can imagine, I spent the whole year anxiously waiting for him to catch up. Daniel made it clear that we were not planning a wedding until he knew what he was going to do after graduation. His reasoning was along the lines of, “I can’t ask your Dad to marry you if I have no plan to provide for you.” He’s a pretty smart guy like that.

About this time I knew he was planning on taking the Dental Admission Test and applying for dental school. I also knew that if he was going to get in, he had the best chance to get into University of Tennessee Health and Science Center in Memphis.

I cheered him on through the DAT, job shadowing and interviews, anxiously awaiting for December 3rd when I knew he’d find out about dental school {and we could finally start thinking about the next step}.

All through this time, I was trying to plan for two possible post-graduate futures - the future where Daniel and I would be married together in Memphis and the future where I would have a billion decisions to make on where I would live, work and play. I was stressed.

December 3rd arrived and Daniel was accepted {of course}! And all my housemates did the happy dance with me, and all our friends celebrated appropriately - with better-than-sex cake covered in butterfinger topping.

And this is about the moment my expectations started drifting slowly away from reality. Of course we talked, and we both agreed we wanted to get married the following summer, but our timelines for making that official were completely different. I don’t know why I thought my go-with-the-flow, procrastinator of a boyfriend would suddenly be in a rush to put a ring on my finger

So I not-so-patiently waited through the holiday season. I traveled with him to Los Angeles and met his awesome extended family and survived awkward conversations with Mama Fish about our marriage plans. We had long talks about aforementioned expectations and I told him over and over just how long it takes to plan a wedding {I’m subtle like that}. 

And then, at the end of our Christmas break, the day before Daniel was to leave my house to go back to Northwest Arkansas, he turns to me and asks… “What would be the best way to get ahold of your Dad tomorrow?” {He’s pretty subtle, too.} Needless to say, neither of us slept that night - he couldn’t have been more nervous, and I couldn’t have been more excited.

The next afternoon, Daniel declared the hard part to be over and gave me permission to start planning. We set a date, claimed our venue and made an appointment to go wedding dress shopping by the end of the week.

I know, I know - sounds a little hasty, doesn’t it? But - long story short - both my parents are accountants, and after January my mom wouldn’t have had time to go dress shopping with me {darn you, tax season}. So we scheduled the appointment for the last weekend in January, thinking it was plenty of time for Daniel before and plenty of time for my dress to come in after.

The weeks passed by dreadfully slow. I knew Daniel had gone ring shopping, but I didn’t know if he’d found one. In fact, I didn’t know anything and he refused to tell me anything. I kept my eyes open for the unusual, but life kept going as usual.

So when Friday, January 25 arrived, I was one upset girl. My dress appointment was the next day, and I was leaving school {and Daniel} to go home with Katlyn and Chelsea. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. I’d been dreaming of saying “yes” to the dress all my life, but not once did I say those words without a ring on my finger.

By the end of our three hour drive to small-town Arkansas, I had convinced myself that it didn’t matter. With or without a ring, Daniel had assured me that we were getting married on June 8th. Silly details like when I chose my wedding dress were meaningless.

When we arrived in Danville, I went straight to my parents’ office to say hello. They were at work and my brothers were at school, so there was no one home anyway. Afterward, I told Katlyn and Chelsea I wanted to stop by this little boutique to see if they had any new Sanuks in. For the first time ever, those two girls seemed completely uninterested in shopping. Weird.

After that short trip, we got in the car, and I suggested we go get Happy Hour at Sonic. Danville’s a small place, and I felt like I needed to keep them entertained. They replied that they were tired and just wanted to go to the house. Uh… okay, party poopers.

Then, my dad called and told me that I needed to come by the office to pick Spencer {my brother} up and take him home. Nicholas {my other brother - they're twins} was working so he couldn’t do it. “What? Why?” I asked. “What would he do if I weren’t here like normal?”

So I went back to the office to pick up Spencer and take him home. When we arrived, we unloaded our bags from the car and the girls waited hesitantly for me to go first. {When I moved out to go to college, Spencer took over my room. So when I came home, I always had to kick him out.}

I was leading them to my {Spencer’s} room and saying something like, “I don’t know how clean it is - Spencer never picks up” when I opened the door.

And in the next moment, my thought process went a little like this: Why is there a strange man in my room? Wait, I know that man. That’s Daniel! Hold up, doesn’t he have class right now? Aw, he skipped class to surprise me. He never skips class. Does my mom know he’s here? Oh my gosh. He’s about to propose.

And that’s when Daniel got down on his knee and said, “Can I ask you something? Jenny, I love you. I am grateful for who you are and that God's put you in my life. And it's my desire and my commitment to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”

… and I said “Yes!”

I’d like to point out that this was the first time Daniel had told me that he loved me. He insisted that he was only going to say those words {romantically} to one woman for his entire life, so he was saving them for his engagement. I don’t know how many times I slipped up and said it to him, but he never did. There are not words to express how great it felt to hear “I love you” for the first time.

And I could go on and on about what happened next, but this post is getting on the lengthy side. If you’re still with me, you can watch this video my lovely friend Katlyn took of the whole thing:

And that, my friends, is how I caught my Fish.

This is the lovely print Katlyn made for me.


  1. Such a sweet story! And I love that print, totally adorable!

  2. What a beautiful story!

  3. Oh man, I laughed at "Why is there a strange man in my room?" but that was sweet!! My husband and I also decided that we were getting married and made plans (seemingly!) long before we technically got engaged because he wouldn't propose over Skype. :P

  4. Love this!

    Oh...and My husband and I got engaged the next day!

  5. I love engagement stories! You are so small and beautiful, so that makes it even better.
    I saw you're a new follower, welcome to the partay!

  6. SO CUTE!!!!!! So glad you got it on video... gave me goosebumps! :)

  7. Oh my goodness, so sweet! I absolutely love reading/hearing about engagement stories, and yours is seriously the best! I love that your friend video taped it. I'm so glad my husband video taped our engagement. It's something so special to look back on.

    Happy engageiversary!

  8. Thanks, Donna. And didn't Katlyn do a great job? She had it printed and gave it to me for my birthday. The perks to having a graphic designer for a best friend!

  9. Thank you, Allison! I'm kind of partial to it. :)

  10. Aw, thank you for being such an encouragement, Robyn!

  11. That's so cute! Jordan is the only boy I've said I love you too. Although we didn't wait to be engaged :) you don't have to answer this, but now I'm wondering... Did you kiss before you got engaged?

  12. I had to search a little bit, but I knew I'd written it sometime. Here's our engagement story:

  13. Aw that's awesome! I'm so glad you like to read along :)

  14. awe Jenny that is the sweetest story!!! what a cute engagement to tell. And its even nicer that your family where involved and where able to catch it on video :) so sweet!!!!

  15. In double checking Facebook, I realized that we actually got engaged on the 25th (facepalm).

    Since we thought it was yesterday, we enjoyed a Sunday afternoon together just relaxing! :)

  16. Awww... I LOVE engagement stories!!! :-)

  17. What a lovely story! Thank you for sharing. As I'm getting married in less than four days, your love story reminded me of our proposal story and lead up to it, which seems like a while ago. What would we do without love and the men in our life?!

    - Teagan Kahla

  18. Then, that was definitely a great day, yes? And, don't worry, I keep saying our wedding day was June 6, when it was really June 8. Daniel makes fun of me every time.

  19. Aw, I love it. And now I'm wondering what he said to his parents in that phone call right before he proposed. And, you are so right - being engaged is not so fun!

  20. Thank you! And, yes we did kiss before we got engaged. For some reason that wasn't as big of a deal.

  21. Thanks, Amber! Yes, I think Daniel told my mom the night before that he would be coming, so she cleaned Spencer's room up. Daniel also took a video, so we have more footage of the sweet moments afterward.

  22. Thank you, Allison - I don't think we've ever been called adorable, though. Goofy - all the time - but I think this is our first adorable. :) Thanks!

  23. You're wedding day is so close! When did you get engaged? And, that's a great question. I would definitely be a very uptight, boring young lady. He keeps me sane!

  24. Got engaged in December 2012 - you see our love story here

    I agree, my fiancé definitely keeps me sane too!

  25. What a sweet story! And that's so awesome that he was able to surprise you in that way :)