Tuesday, January 7, 2014

the great christmas exchange link-up

One of my favorite parts of the holidays was getting the chance to celebrate Christmas with some new blogging friends. Through the Great Christmas Exchange Link-Up with Elizabeth of Oak + Oats and Samantha of Elah Tree, I was apart of one gigantic gift-giving circle.

We each received a name, and then spent the next couple weeks stalking blogs, social media accounts and Pinterest pages to find the perfect gift {for under $20}.

I was the lucky girl who had Robyn of Invincible Summer get my name! After I drove four hours home {without the husband} on Christmas Day {so I could work the next day}, finding this box of fun on my doorstep made the day a whole lot better.

After getting to know Robyn this past month, it’s clear she’s incredibly creative, and it showed through her gift. It was the perfect combination of cute and practical, and I love every item. Here’s what I found inside – layers and layers of goodies.
Recipes. Cookbook. Hot Chocolate. Chai. Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea.
Custom Prints. Striped Paper Straws. Owl Tote. Winter Stickers. Candy Canes. {And a monogrammed ornament that got put away with the Christmas decorations before I could get a picture.}
Everything together.
Thank you, Robyn, for the time and creativity you put into this gift! I love it!

I received Ashlee’s name from Redeemed Runner. {She just announced she’s pregnant – congrats Ashlee!} Her hints were: Anthropologie, Monograms, Target, Seasons, Stationary, Mugs, Coffee, Salty Things, Scarves.

I wanted to make her a fun monogrammed mug, but through all my creeping, I couldn’t figure our her middle name. So, instead I stuck with this cute porcupine stationery in a gold and pink theme, and of course I had to get a scarf! I also threw in some handmade goodies {this print & this journal} that aren’t pictured here.
Porcupine Stationary. Gold & White Stationary. Gold & White Storage Box. Mechanical Pencils. Scarf.
{Almost} Everything Together.

I hope she liked them, because I had so much fun picking them out.

Be sure to head over to Oak+Oats or Elah Tree to read about all the other Great Christmas Exchange fun!


  1. I love love love the things you bought me. Seriously I find myself wearing that scarf all the time and can't wait to start using the stationary :)

  2. Cute stuff! I love that owl tote... so adorable! :)

  3. what fun gifts both given and received!

  4. Of course, it was so much fun. And everyone has loved my owl tote. I'm thinking about making some of that hot chocolate right now!

  5. Yes, it was perfect timing - right when I needed some encouragement. Thank you for putting on the Great Christmas Exchange!

  6. I'm so glad! I actually wanted to go back and get that scarf for myself! So happy that you like everything.

  7. You can never have enough stationary! I'm always using it for something. And even though I've got a nice collection, I always want more!

  8. Thanks, Amanda! Robyn did such a good job picking stuff out AND making it herself. She's so crafty.

  9. Thank you, Lacey! I had so much fun participating - but I've really enjoyed making new blogging friends.

  10. So many fun goodies! So glad you participated!

  11. Yes, Robyn did so good! Thanks for working to put this on, Samantha!