Tuesday, January 21, 2014

welcome home

WARNING: The pictures you are about to see are not an accurate representation of our home.

I am not sure if I’ve made this clear, but… we live in a guesthouse. Our landlords told us earlier this month that they plan on moving by the end of the year. Because their house is so big and the market for it is so small, they’ve put their house up for sale now. Today they are having an open house, which means people will be coming in and out of our small little home.

All this to say, I worked my butt off Sunday afternoon, and our guesthouse is exceptionally clean. So, I took advantage of my day off yesterday, the beautiful daylight and a tidy home to take some pictures. Not only was it great practice for my resolution to take better pictures, but now we can always and forever remember the time we lived in a millionaire’s guesthouse.

Welcome to our home…

The Study {a.k.a. Daniel’s Room}

I don’t really touch this part of the house, so this is probably the only accurate portrayal you’re going to get. This is where all the studying for dental school goes down. As you can see, the desk is covered with all sorts of interesting things that I don’t understand. I’m pretty sure these are wax molds he’s been working on. {Don’t ask, I have no answers.}

1) My jewelry box is a little crowded, I'm crafting an idea for a necklace holder.
2) Daniel's dental school homework.
3) The "Fish" painting my grandmother did. 4) The best reading nook in the world.

The Bedroom

On a normal day the bed wouldn’t be made, because Daniel doesn’t believe in making the bed. I personally love the feeling of getting into a made bed each night, but it’s not a comfort I’ve been able to convince my spouse of. The closet doors would also be open, and there would be clothes pouring out of both of them onto the floor. And, finally, that tray casually holding one or two necklaces on our dresser would be about six inches high in a colossal mess of jewelry.

1. My jewelry tray/wedding gift. 2) Our "Fish" mirror - we have a lot of Fish-y things.
3) Our dresser, complete with the necessary sleeping fan.
1) The letters from our engagement shoot. 2) Our "only a little bit girly" bedding.
3) Daniel's random item tray/wedding gift.

The Bathroom

I just realized I forgot to take pictures of the bathroom… it’s so small that I just forgot all about it. But, it’s such a pain that I can’t believe I forgot about it. Oh well, pictures to come.

The “Dining Room”

I put that in quotes, because really it’s just an extension of our kitchen. On a normal day, both the bookcase and the table would be covered in my random junk. I walk in the door after work and immediately unload in those two areas. The curtains would also be drawn because I’m only home at night and we don’t want the neighbors {a.k.a. landlords} looking at us while we eat.

1) "The" canisters that everyone wants. 2) A little purple birdy from our rehearsal dinner.
3) Our recycled glassware/the biggest wine glasses you've ever seen. 4) My "desk."

1) This little piggy holds the napkins. 2) This little piggy guards the candles.
3) This shelf holds all the knick knacks. 4) Every girl needs a purple chevron chair.
5) I just love it when the sunlight comes in!

The Kitchen

This is probably the most inaccurate representation of all the rooms presented in this post. I’m a messy cooker and this is reflected with a messy kitchen. I ALWAYS have dishes in the sink, and there are usually freshly {or not so freshly} washed dishes to the left of the sink. The stove, countertops and floor are completely covered in crumbs, and there are cups everywhere.

1) I will never have a white stove by choice. 2) Who paints their cabinets olive green??
3) The artwork that somehow ties everything together.

1) Love our home. 2) The best appliance EVER. 3) Yes, our dishwasher moves.

The Living Room

You could also refer to this room as the dungeon because there are no windows. It’s the darkest room in the house as well as the coldest {or hottest, depending on the month}. This room normally has the coffee table moved out of the way, and a workout mat on the floor where I forgot to put it away. The pillows are never put in place, and the sofa and chair are always, always, always covered in feathers. You’ll also find one, two or six pairs of Daniel’s shoes in here at any given time.

1) The canvas that never sits straight. 2) Our lovely burlap initials.
3) The guest book from our wedding. 
1) The gigantic mirror that makes our space look bigger. 2) Daniel's zone.
3) My favorite chair.

I can't really take credit for the decorating. Mama Fish came in and we were moved and decorated all in three days - she's a genius like that. But, I do love our little home and I'll be sad to leave it. I'm glad I could share it with you, though, and that I can memorialize this little place forever on the inter-webs. 

Glad you could stop by!


  1. your house is soooo cute!!! great pictures!! that reading nook looks really cozy! :)

  2. You have a beautiful home, Jenny!


  3. I love your bedroom! And the Kitchen Aid mixer. YES. It's the best.

  4. Your place is adorable! It looks so warm and inviting and cozy!

  5. Your house is so cute! What a bummer that you have to move!

  6. Love, love, love the crooked canvas in your living room! Where'd you get it?

  7. The dishwasher MOVES?! That is crazy!! Love your jewelry holder - I need something like that because my jewelry is EVERYWHERE!

  8. I love your home! Everything looks so homey and my life will now be incomplete until I own a chevron chair.

  9. I'm such a snoop, I love seeing people's homes :) Love the bedroom! The dishwasher moves?! Like slides around?

  10. My jewelry box is very similar to yours! And I love the color of your Kitchenaid! I have to say, though, I'm like your husband in a belief in not making the bed!

  11. Thank you, Robyn! I'm trying to get reacquainted with my camera. And that's where I go to escape when Daniel's playing video games.

  12. Thank you, Allison. I sure do love it!

  13. Thanks, Amanda. I wish it always looked like that. And YES it is! I can't wait to show you what I made with it next Tuesday.

  14. Thanks, Amanda. We try to make it inviting. I wish we could have people over more often, but we kind of live "out of the way" for all our friends.

  15. Thank you, Susannah! And, I know! We've started looking around, and we've quickly realized that we really have it made.

  16. Haha, thank you Kristy. Mama Fish found it at an estate sale on the cheap. She didn't even know how perfect it would fit in our living room.

  17. Yes, it's a portable dishwasher. It plugs into the sink. The people who lived here before left it - and we're sure glad they did! And, thank you! It was a present from my grandmother, but even it is getting too full to hold all my jewelry! I have this great idea for a necklace holder, but now I just have to execute it.

  18. Thank you, Donna! And, all it takes is a little fabric and some paint! I wish I could say I did it myself, but Mama Fish has spoiled me.

  19. I completely know what you mean! And, thank you! Daniel thinks we have too many pillows, so I think he would prefer your new minimalistic bedding.

    And, YES! It's portable, so we move it in front of the sink and plug a hose into the facet. Then, we turn on the sink and start it! I didn't even know they existed until we moved in, but I sure am glad they do!

  20. I love my jewelry box, so I'm glad I could find it the perfect spot when we moved in. And thank you, it was by far my favorite wedding gift {and my husband's favorite, too, because of the number of cookies it's made him}.

    And, you must not completely pull off/destroy the sheets every time you sleep like he does!

  21. i am LOVING the painting your grandmother did - truly lovely and so gorgeous! man she is talented!
    also your house (minus the dungen haha) is so light and airy! beautiful!