Wednesday, January 29, 2014

workout wednesday - week #3

Last week, I got my weeks mixed up. It’s hard to believe it’s only been three weeks of this torture. Here’s the truth, I’ve yet to make it through a whole week without using my “rest day” in the wrong place.

I wanted my rest day to be on the weekend, but I’ve found that I really need it about the middle of the workweek. Some days, I’m just exhausted and would like that extra hour of sleep {and to not have to worry about washing and drying my hair}.

So, my goal this week is to make it through the entire week without using my rest day. We’ll see how it goes.

the exercise
·   I’m definitely getting stronger. I thought I was going to make it through the whole workout without stopping yesterday, but I needed a break on the last circuit.
·   The great thing about Shaun T is that he encourages you to take breaks. When my form isn’t where it should be, I know it’s time to rest. And he makes it seem like that’s totally okay.
·   This week is the last week of month 1, so next week is a whole week of “cardio recovery” and “cardio abs” – whatever that means. I plan on working extra hard this week in anticipation of some much-needed rest.

the diet
·   Diet? What diet? I might have had pizza and ice cream for dinner twice this week.
·   I’ve noticed that the amount of stress I have at work directly correlates with the healthiness of my meals. If I have a long day at work, the last thing I want to do is to come home and cook a healthy meal. Hello, frozen pizza!
·   On the upside, my breakfast and lunch meals have been extremely healthy, and I’m doing well with two healthy meals and two snacks during the day. If I could just make my dinners healthier…

the brain
·   Like I said before, I was stressed this week at work, which generally makes me feel worse. I predict this week will be much easier and I can get back into a routine.
·   I’m learning new ways to measure progress besides the scale – my clothes fit better, I have more energy or I can actually see some abdominal muscles under there.
·   Despite the slacking during dinner, I still had some weight loss.

the numbers
Weight – 128.6 127.8 127.4
Fat - 25.6% 25.1%
Water – 51.7% 52%

the picture

This is me at 5 a.m. not wanting to be awake at 5 a.m. much less
jumping up and down like a crazy person.

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  1. You go! I would never be brave enough to post my 5-am face ;) I've been hearing a lot about Insanity workouts. Thinking about trying it for myself!! Is it really "torture"? :P

  2. Awesome that your clothes are fitting better! That's definitely progress.

  3. Great job!! I am totally psyched for you. I have my evaluation coming up at the gym... I am nervous to see my weight, fat %, etc. You are a brave lady for putting it all out in public!

  4. Though it doesn't look like it from that face above, I actually love Insanity. I love that I can do it in my living room with minimal equipment and feel like I really, REALLY worked out. That being said, I'm starting my fourth week and I am just now able to actually complete an entire workout. {And, I wasn't in bad shape before I started.} So, I think it's the good kind of torture - if there is such a thing.

  5. Yes, it is! Now, if I could just give up the pizza...

  6. Thanks, Steff! And, for some reason sharing that information has never bothered me - even when I was bigger. They're a bunch of numbers and they can always change! I've been meaning to ask you how workouts were going this week! Do you like it?

  7. It's hard getting back in to the swing of things after such a large absence. I was doing so great when I stopped. Haha! I got to my three miles in 30 minutes goal... Now I'm back down to about 11-12 minute miles, and I can only do about 15 minutes straight running right now.... BUT I know I will get back to it in no time. Patience is a virtue! One that I am working on! Thanks for asking.

  8. Don't you love when you can actually FEEL yourself getting stronger? Very motivating! :)

  9. I'm definitely be rooting for you - and asking for updates to hold you accountable. I'm fun like that. ;)

  10. Yes it is! I made it through the entire workout without stopping for the first time. If that's not improvement, I don't know what is.

  11. This is probably the first video workout that actually makes me feel like I did something. I just lay there exhausted. I will definitely have to try out asylum - because I really like this workout. Thanks for the tip, Kathy!

  12. I seem to remember you giving me a hard time about my eating habits during our triathlon training.

  13. For some reason, I'm thinking that your 9 Dr. Pepper's a day were way more damaging than the two times I had pizza and ice cream. If you kept reading, 2/3 of my meals each day were healthy. Could you say that?

  14. I usually had a sensible breakfast and flushed my body with lots of water.