Tuesday, February 4, 2014

meet my new friend Beka

When I first entered the blogosphere, I had no idea the number of friendships I would build here. This blogging world is saturated with amazing and talented women who are full of wisdom and encouragement. I'd like to introduce one such lady to you, today. Meet Beka from The I Love You's who will certainly put a smile on your face. I've enjoyed learning more about Beka, and it's evident that God has given her a gracious and compassionate heart. I could go on and on, but I'll let Beka take it from here with a little Q&A:

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a young newlywed living in Tennessee. I love people, coffee with good friends, The Office, cooking, children, teaching, & writing - among other things. I’m in my senior year of a degree in Psychology through Thomas Edison State College & CollegePlus. I’ve taken a break from school for the time begin, but until then I’m studying Christian Counseling, web design, and horticulture on my own and in my free time.

2. What is the meaning behind the name of your blog?

I was hoping no one would ever ask me this! It’s actually based off a One Direction song. Wow, that’s even more embarrassing once I wrote it out! When my husband Sean and I were first together (long-distance), hardly anyone besides a few close friends and our families knew about us. When we announced our engagement, everyone was shocked and confused! I’m sure a lot of this was due to our age (we were...young.), and the fact that Sean lived 1800 miles away in Tennessee. Anyway, there’s this one line in the song that goes, “They don’t know about the I love you’s...they don’t know I’ve waited my whole life.” It might sound silly, but during our courtship & engagement, this song was a favorite of mine during a season in my life that was somewhat lonely.

3. Why did you start blogging and what is the main message you try to convey through your blog?

I started blogging when I was barely sixteen, but the I Love You’s has been around since September, 2013, shortly after we got married. Since then I’ve been devouring other blogger’s works (sometimes reading someone’s entire archive if I really like their writing), trying to learn about the marketing & art behind a functioning blog. I love to write and design, and this is something I’d love to do full-time in the future! My main message is as follows:

To update friends & family back home on what Sean and I have been up to; to encourage other young women toward Biblical femininity, living passionately & joyfully no matter what season of life they might find themselves, and to write about the joys, struggles, and victories of marriage as Sean and I grow up together.

4. What is your biggest dream or aspiration?

This is basically how I want to define my life no matter where I live, no matter how old I am, with or without children, working or unemployed: to impact others for Christ through discipleship, counseling, and hospitality. I want to come alongside people, specifically women, and encourage them toward Godliness, creativity, growth in the Word, and love for their families and others. This is a focus of my blog - to encourage others toward passionate and joyful living. God has given us Himself, the greatest gift, and I don’t want to see that squandered or taken for granted in our lives!

5. What is God teaching you right now?

God is teaching me what it means to be transparent. In my life, I’ve found it very hard to open up to people, especially Christians. I tend to present this pre-packaged Beka that doesn’t have any problems, & whose life is all together. In the body of Christ, we’re broken people only made whole because of Christ! There is no room for self-righteousness. This is something I’ve been learning a lot through my blogging - I don’t want to paint a picture of myself of someone who’s perfect. I want people to see that marriage is hard, the church can be messy, the Christian life is sometimes a struggle - but that in Christ, we’re given the strength to glorify Him even in the midst of that. And that we can be content & JOYFUL through Him who gives us strength! (Phil. 4:13)

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to The I Love You's to read more.


  1. Hahahaha the One Direction song - no shame! I think that is absolutely precious and adorable.

  2. Great feature post! I'll definitely head over :)