Wednesday, February 12, 2014

workout wednesday: week #5

Week #5 was probably my favorite week so far. There were plenty of breaks, no pounding, but you still felt the burn. Shaun T kept saying, “You shouldn’t feel exhausted after this workout – this is recovery week.”

If you say so, Shaun T!

I still took a break in the middle of the week. I think I just need to sleep in every Wednesday to get over the hump. I’m starting to be okay with that. So what, my “rest day” isn’t happening where the calendar says it should. I needed rest THAT day and I took it. Then, I worked hard the rest of the week.

So I relaxed this week, and it was lovely.

the exercise
- This week confirmed what I already knew. I have no balance. So out of “Core Cardio & Balance,” I only contributed 50%.
- The very last segment is called “shoulder burns” – pretty self-explanatory, but I still have to say something about how painful it was. I’m loving how toned my arms look, though.
- On top of “Core Cardio & Balance” I also got a great run in the snow AND I played basketball for three hours on Sunday. I hadn’t really played basketball in over a year so it was a joyous occasion.

the diet
- I started counting calories this week. I’m using the “Lose It” app, and I really love it because it breaks down how many carbs, proteins and fats I’m eating. It’s become really apparent that I eat a lot of carbs.
- I don’t really like the idea of counting calories, so I’m trying to think of it more like a game than a rule. That way if I happen to eat more calories than I’m allotted that day, it’s not a big deal. I’ll just “compete” again tomorrow.
- This way, though, I’m thinking more about what I eat instead of – I don’t feel like cooking right now I’m just going to eat this frozen pizza.

the mind
- Apart from having seasonal affective disorder – is it spring, yet? – I’m feeling pretty good.
- My core is definitely getting stronger, and I’ve noticed that I tighten it up when I do simple things like walk up stairs.
- Daniel keeps pointing out my “six pack” so that’s a big confidence boost, haha.

the numbers
Weight – 128.6 127.8 128.4 128
Fat - 25.6% 25.1% 25.4%
Water – 51.7% 52% 51.8%

p.s. I looked up what the "ideal body fat percentage" is. I'm not sure how accurate my $15 scale is, but my goal now is to get to 24% or under, that way I move from "average" to "athlete."

the picture
This is obviously not a picture. My options were - get a picture of my progress or go play basketball, and obviously I chose basketball. Everytime. Sorry, not sorry. Just take my word for it that the pants I'm wearing are super loose!

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  1. Feels so good when your clothing starts to fit better, doesn't it?! Better than the # on a scale ANY day! :)

  2. Yes it does! I think feeling comfortable in my clothes is the #1 reason why I started focusing more on my health. And THAT'S real progress.