Wednesday, February 26, 2014

workout wednesday: week #7

If you read my post Monday, than you know I have a new challenge on my plate – quite literally. I started the Whole30 cleanse, and I couldn’t be more excited about the spiritual and physical benefits to come.

However, that also means some things will be changing around here on Wednesdays. With the Whole30 program, you’re only allowed to weigh yourself once at the beginning and once at the end, so the whole “numbers” section will have to go. And, I haven’t really ever been too keen on the “pictures” section, so I just decided to scrap all the sections and start from scratch.

Here’s what you can expect from future Wednesdays:

The High: The high point of my “fitness” week was definitely waking up at 5 a.m. every single morning to do my workouts. This meant I had so much more time in the evenings to spend with my husband AND I got to take my rest day on Saturday – where it belongs. Though, I have to admit, Shaun T really kicked my butt with Insanity  after taking a whole week off last week.

The Low: The low point of my week was probably all the junky meals I ate. In an effort not to waste any food before the Whole30 cleanse, the hubs and I have been trying to rid my pantry and fridge of all the perishable ingredients not allowed on the 30-day cleanse. And… I might have been trying to stuff as many of my favorites into the last week as possible. As a result, I’ve felt pretty bloated and yucky.

The Grin: I am most looking forward to trying some new recipes this upcoming week, particularly this no-mayo chicken salad from meatified. I’ve been looking for a healthier option to my favorite lunch option: chicken salad – fingers crossed this is the one.

The Goal: My goal for the next week is #1 to obviously make it through a week on the Whole30 but also #2 get outside and enjoy this beautiful weather for a run or two. Daniel is going to be studying 24/7 so I have no excuse not to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

What are your healthy goals for this week?


  1. I can't say that I've ever heard someone say that the high point of their workout week being waking up at 5am to have their butt kicked ;) But it actually makes SO much sense and I understand why you would love it!!! I love reading your updates Jenny!

  2. Thanks Beka! Thanks for the encouragement - I need as much as I can get!

  3. I'm the complete opposite! I love working out between 8:30pm - 10pm. It makes me feel like a million bucks the next day. I don't get to do that anymore, which is ok.

    I started my 1/2 marathon training this week. I ran 12 miles and did 4 crossfit workouts. It felt really good but was hard too. I also chugged a ton more water. I forgot how good I feel when I drink more water.

    I recently tried this recipe and it was really good. The only thing I would change would be to add some green onions.

  4. Wow, you had an incredible exercising week! When is your half marathon? And that recipe looks delicious! My no-mayo chicken salad didn't turn out that great, so I'll definitely have to give this a try!

  5. Boo for that recipe not turning out well. I hate when I get a bad recipe.

    My half marathon is May 5. It's a ways out but I'm hoping to shave some time off my mile so we shall see.

  6. May is the perfect time for a half! The weather will be beautiful. What's your goal pace?

  7. I'd really love to come in under 2 hours! fingers crossed!

  8. That's an awesome goal! Good luck training!