Wednesday, March 5, 2014

workout wednesday: week #8

It’s Day #10 on the Whole30 program, which is also known as the day I’m most likely to quit. Considering I’ve considered quitting at least a dozen times now, hopefully I’m safe. I’m just telling myself I’m a third of the way through and I’ve come too far to give up now! Besides, all those benefits I’ve read about – endless energy, weight loss, great sleep – are just around the corner.

Here’s where I’m at on my health and fitness journey:

The High: Obviously, making it through my first week of Whole30 was a high. We celebrated with a delicious steak, baked sweet potato and side salad. I’ll be sharing the details of what got me through tomorrow, so stay tuned. Another high, though, was running over four miles on Saturday at an 8:20 pace. That’s the fastest I’ve ran in a while, and the weather was beautiful!

The Low: About a week ago an impromptu walk that lasted way longer than I thought it would gave me the shin splints. This normally happens when I do any kind of activity in shoes without arch support. Guilty! So, I took the week off from pounding Insanity. I tried it once, but it was only making things worse. On the upside, the rest gave me extra energy to run on Saturday and achieve my goal from last week!

The Grin: I’m looking forward to combining the awesome energy I should be receiving from my food with my Insanity workout in the upcoming week. I’m hoping for an extra oomph to get me through the difficult workout. I’m also looking forward to trying something different for my lunch, like this golden cauliflower soup.

The Goal: The goal for this week will be to get up and workout every day. I feel so behind with Insanity, like all this skipping isn’t going to give me the results I want. So, I want to finish out strong in the next three weeks.

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What was your fitness high for the week?


  1. i love insanity! it's a tough program but so worth it.

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. I love it, too! I only wish I had time to do it other than 5 in the morning!

  3. You seriously inspire me! My fitness goal for the week is to, um, do something (anything!!) that involves fitness (lately I've been deluding myself into thinking that going to the dog park in gym shorts counts as exercise. it doesn't.)

  4. What? Walking the dogs totally counts as exercise - and I'm totally jealous that you live in a place where you can go outside in gym shorts right now. I could use some sunshine and warm weather right about now!

  5. haha WALKING the dogs counts... DRIVING them to the dog park definitely doesn't ;) I hope Spring comes soon for you!!