Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I know, I know, this is the second post in a row with a hashtag for a title, but give me a break - I do social media strategy for a living, it's only natural for me to categorize my life into pound signs. But really, if you follow me on Instagram {which you should - @jennyfish10}, I've been using this hashtag to document all the fun events surrounding my birthday.

And because my 23rd birthday is pretty important, I needed to immortalize all the fun activities surrounding it into the blogosphere for everyone to read - or at least for me to look back on when I'm eighty-three, reminiscing about the good ole days.

flowers from the in-laws. Tuesday these beautiful flowers came to brighten my drab cubicle. For the rest of the week my desk smelt like spring.

war horse. I got a couple of free tickets with my work for opening night of War Horse at the Orpheum Theatre. That was some amazing puppetry - I highly recommend it.

birthday #ootd. Birthday outfits are pretty important, and I picked mine weeks in advance. This was actually a Valentine's gift from Mama Fish but I was waiting for the perfect moment to wear it.

homemade birthday cake. I came home from work Wednesday to this delicious chocolate on chocolate homemade cake by my awesome hubby. He made it from scratch. Be impressed.

macaroni grill dinner. After 30 "whole" days, I wanted carbs and sugar - so Daniel took me to the Macaroni Grill for some pasta and more chocolate lava cake.

sweet birthday wishes. My friend Joanne snuck over to my house while I was at work to hang up this encouraging sign and balloons. It fell before I got home, so the husband went a little crazy with the tape.

birthday gifts. My friends know me so well - both old and new - I can't wait to show you what Kay got me, but that's for another post. And Sarah and Joanne showed just how well they listen to the silly things I say, and I've been enjoying candles, house shoes, cute mugs, earrings and midi rings all week. The fam gifted me money {upon request} to go toward our new bike fund - can't wait to pick them out!

lost pizza co. The week-long celebration ended Saturday night, where a group of us tried out the new pizza joint. It was quite delicious, especially "the otis" - yep, I'm a meatlovers kind of girl.

divergent. Then, we ended the night with Divergent the movie. We had all read the books, so we enjoyed some interesting discussion about what faction we each belonged to. We decided I'd be divergent, so I'm pretty happy with that.

brunch. The next morning we had some yummy brunch with friends from dental school. I didn't take a picture, but it was definitely a relaxing and peaceful time with friends and the perfect way to end the weekend.

That was my #birthdayweek and it was #perfect.

What would your perfect birthday week include?


  1. :) Sounds pretty awesome to me!! Birthday outfits are very important and well-worth planning in advance!

  2. Happy Birthday! Do you live in Omaha? You mentioned the Orpheum, I live in La Vista.

  3. You have to have a special outfit for your special day, right?

  4. Thanks and THANKS - gah, I'm still so proud of him.

  5. Thank you, Amanda, but most definitely way more than I deserved.

  6. Thanks! And, no, we live in Memphis - but I think there are Orpheum Theatres all over the country. Though, I've only been to the one here.

  7. It looks like you had an amazing birthday!! I saw Divergent last week (Haven't read the books YET!) and really liked it. Oh, and I love your hair color!

  8. I highly recommend the first book - it actually helps the movie make more sense. At first I wasn't too keen on the second two in the trilogy, but now that I've read the author's reasoning behind her decisions, I think I like them more than before.

    And best. compliment. ever. I haven't had my hair colored since October - and it's been super tough growing it out and not putting highlights in it. But, I'm trying to save myself $100 every 6 months. All that to say - THANK YOU!

  9. Aw, well it really does look great. You look beautiful! Thanks for the heads up about the books. When I read them (this summer) I'll probably be emailing you!

  10. I love that you picked out your birthday outfit weeks in advance! That's too funny.

  11. Well... I was also hoping that I'd lose some weight so that the dress would fit better. And it worked! So... that's why it was planned SO far in advance.

  12. What an awesome birthday present to yourself!