Thursday, April 24, 2014

t3: the no-compromise list

"This smells like old cigarettes and wet dog." It's all I could think as we rode the elevator up to see the first apartment on our list. The pictures online had shown bright, clean rooms with nice open layouts, but all I could see were dirty carpets and windows overlooking construction zones. 

After walking through the two bedroom apartment, making the usual comment about how much bigger the bathroom is than our current one, I had declared it slightly more than livable. Then, as I walked out into the hallway, I made a fatal mistake. My shoulder brushed against an open closet door. 

Bam! And a sharp pain shot through the back of my head. The closet door had fallen and my head was the door stop. Needless to say, that one was quickly checked off my list. 

Since then, our visits have been slightly less of a headache {no pun intended}, but it's still forced us to sit down and come up with a no-compromise list to figure out what exactly is most important to us. Here's what we decided:

#1 Close to work and school. To say I'm over my commute would be a gross understatement. I've been dreaming of being able to go home for lunch and take a nap.

#2 Two bedrooms. Daniel needs a place where he can close the door and study for all his tests. And I wouldn't mind being able to watch TV with volume.

#3 Useable kitchen. This may be more important to me, but it's still important. In our search I've seen some pretty awful, cramped kitchens, and I want to at least have a little counter space available.

You may have noticed, but I have some pretty ladies on my sidebar. I asked them what is #1 on their no-compromise list. You can see there answers below and then be sure to click through and check out their blogs! If you'd like to be there next month - check out my sponsorship tab above.

What is on your no-compromise list when it comes to a place to live?


  1. oh goodness! i can't believe just brushing the door made it fall off!!!
    i loved reading everyone's take on what they are looking for! so funny how unique the answers are!
    and i think i would need to add something about living closer to work on mine too. i have a 45 minute commute so coming home for lunch is such a dream!

  2. Hmmm--I've never really gotten a free range of choice of where I get to stay...I can't imagine all the factors that I would be trying to think of! The house we live in now belongs to my parents, that's why we live here--they give us a cheaper rent than other landlords would and we do the work it takes to keep up the family property...but when we move we're going to be assigned an apartment and don't get a choice in the matter...hmmm...

  3. I'm about to go from a 10 minute commute to a 30 minute commute (not factoring in traffic) and even though it's only for a week I'm still dreading it hardcore!

  4. So lovely! Thanks for featuring me!

  5. Our no-compromise list was pretty short: dishwasher, bigger kitchen, and 3 bedrooms! Searching for an apartment/house is always an adventure!

  6. You'll find the perfect place! My list felt never ending but we finally came across the one we loved!

  7. Mine was location, couldn't be on the first floor, and had to have a full sized washer/dryer combo in our unit - not a shared laundry area.

  8. I think for me is a place I actually want to come home to. You want home to feel like 'home'. I also agree with you on the kitchen. I spend a lot of time there and I want my space to be workable. It's funny I'm saying all this because I a.) lived in a teeny tiny apartment in Korea & b.) live in a not so nice apartment now. However, I know those are 'temporary' so I don't implement my 'must list'. =)