Friday, June 6, 2014

it's like riding a bike

For the past {almost} year of our marriage, I’ve been searching for a workout Daniel and I could do together on a regular basis. I’ve been completely unsuccessful in getting him to go to the gym with me or to try any fitness classes. He preferred eating pizza on the couch instead of joining me in Insanity. Even a new pair of running shoes only resulted in a couple of runs before that got boring. 

After many conversations, we decided that biking would be our perfect couple workout. No pounding on the joints, no going to the gym and no way he would be spending most of the workout behind me. 

So for our birthdays we asked our family to just give us money to go toward our new bikes. It’s taken us over two months to actually go pick them out, but we finally did last weekend. We spent three hours at Victory Bicycle Studio, finding the right bike to fit our needs and getting perfectly fitted for the one that did. The customer service there was out of this world. 

As a bicycle newbie myself {I haven’t had a bike since… elementary school?}, I underestimated just how many types of bicycles there are AND how many ways a bicycle could be adjusted to fit your person. After lots of test runs and adjustments, we chose a pair of Felt bicycles - road bikes, for those who speak the language. 

Since then, we’ve taken our new rides on several adventures. Memphis has over 60 miles of bike lanes and that number is quickly growing. Our personal favorite is riding up and down the Shelby Farms Greenline {riding a bike let me see the whole path for the first time}. We’re excited to be closer to even more routes once we move Downtown. 

After finishing our first 15-mile ride together last Saturday night, Daniel turned to me and said, “This is WAY better than running.”

Good. Let's hope he feels the same way several months from now. 

Do you bike? What kind of bike do you ride?

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