Monday, June 30, 2014

welcome to our home

A couple of weeks ago Daniel and I moved from our cozy little guest house out east to a two bedroom apartment in the middle of Downtown. The location could not be more perfect. We’re close to school, work, friends and all the places we love to eat and play. 

I’ve had several friends and family ask to see pictures of our new home. The perfectionist inside of me wants to say, “Just wait until I get these boxes put up and this room decorated and this project finished.” But I know that if I wait until this place is picture perfect, there will never be pictures to share. 

So I’m welcoming you into my home with all its imperfections and unfinished projects, and I’m giving you a {very short} tour of the place where the Fishes do life. But I’m also sharing with you all my dreams and plans for this special space.

Take off your shoes, and make yourself comfortable. We want you to stay awhile.

To your immediate right is our Kitchen, which also serves as our laundry room on the weekends. It’s nothing special, but it definitely gets the job done. Daniel and I are more than excited about having an ice maker, garbage disposal and working microwave for the first time in our marriage.

  • Plant and pot the herbs: cilantro, basil, rosemary, etc.
  • Find a rug/mat for in front of the sink.
  • Find a new home for all the clutter on top of the fridge.
  • Find a way to clear off some counter space.

Living Room
Straight ahead is our living room, which also serves as a dining room. It was a little tricky getting our extra-long, extra-wide couch to fit in this space, but we like how it turned out. So far it’s been the perfect spot for hanging out with friends and relaxing after work.

  • Reframe my Mammie’s fish painting.
  • Find some new pillows for the couch.
  • Find a way to hide the antenna and still have all the channels we want to come in.
  • Find a place to put our white chairs that's not the middle of the living room.

Master Bedroom
To your left is our bedroom - it’s actually the guest bathroom, but we decided that we’d rather have more space for our study. Everything is a little cozy, but other than that not much has changed.

  • Get some blackout curtains for Daniel.
  • Find a better way to organize Daniel’s closet.
  • Get rid of as much stuff as possible from Daniel’s closet (which is not necessarily Daniel’s stuff).

Guest Bathroom/Daniel’s Bathroom
Opposite of our bedroom is the guest bathroom. We keep the door closed most of the time, because the air conditioner is in there and it’s extra loud. I’m excited because we finally get to hang up our fish towel rack that I loved so much - or really, we’re just excited not to have to share one skinny little bathroom anymore.

  • Clean out underneath the sink.
  • Organize what once was our medicine cabinet.

Across the way is our study. We knew from the beginning we wanted two bedrooms so Daniel could have a place to close the door and study for school. I somehow convinced him to let me have my own little “blogging” desk in there, too. This room by far needs the most work.

  • Paint my desk white.
  • Hang some shelves for books above the desk (or maybe to the side)
  • Find some desk organization.
  • Determine a color scheme for the room.
  • Purchase curtains & hang them.
  • Hang all the Arkansas artwork above Daniel’s desk.
  • Find a better way to organize my closet.
  • Get rid of as much stuff as possible from my closet (most definitely my stuff).

My Bathroom
Yes, “my” bathroom. It’s pretty exciting, and it’s also the biggest room in the apartment for some reason. Since we only had one bathroom in the old place, this one is missing a few things, but these will probably be last on my purchase list.

  • Determine a color scheme.
  • Find a shower curtain and rug.
  • Find a soap dispenser and toothbrush holder.
  • Hang a towel rack for hand towels.
  • Organize underneath the sink.

And, you’ve pretty much seen the whole thing, unless you want this quick look at our balcony. It’s not the best of views, but at least it’s a place to house our bikes! Speaking of which, I need to find a good spot for all our bike gear, too…

Yes, there’s a lot I want to do, but I should have a lot of time on my hands once Daniel starts back to school in a week. I’ll need something to keep me busy, and putting our home together will definitely be a good place to start.

When will you be by for a visit?

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