Friday, July 18, 2014

spreading the self-love: 10 things i love about me

I'm laughing at Daniel in this picture - but next to that title, I look pretty cocky. I assure you - I'm not. This is hard.
Two weeks and counting until my high school best friend says “I do.” Three weeks until my great friend and college housemate does the same. And I have the honor of standing beside them both as a bridesmaid, but all I can think about is how...

I’m supposed to be skinny by now. Or at least skinnier. My hair was supposed to grow more. My acne was supposed to be gone. My tan was supposed to stay around for a bit longer. Nothing like the promise of endless photographs to churn up insecurities. Never mind everyone’s attention will be on the pretty girl in the white dress.

Why do I do this to myself? Why do we all do this to ourselves?

So I decided to stop berating myself in the mirror long enough to focus on all those qualities I love about myself - a bigger challenge than it ever should be. 

In Ephesians 2:10, Paul says we are God’s workmanship - the New Living Translation says we are His masterpiece. Think about that. When you google “masterpiece,” a picture of the Mona Lisa comes up. Masterpiece = one of a kind, irreplaceable and priceless. 

And every time I focus on all the things I wish were different about my body, it’s kind of like saying to the Master Artist, “I think you messed up right here.”

So, here's to thanking the best Father in the world for making me, well, me.

10 things I love about me:

#1 My hair. Shocker, huh? After years of highlights, it’s finally back to it’s natural color, and I love it. My hair is healthier than it’s ever been and it rarely lets me down. 

#2 My face shape. Thanks to Cara over at Maskcara, I’ve learned how to HAC specifically for my face. Turns out ovals have all the fun because almost any hairstyle works on us.

#3 My facial hair. Or really, my lack of it. I used to complain about having to fill in my eyebrows, but now I rejoice because it means I can go weeks without tweezing. And I’ve never had to wax.

#4 My teeth. During my last dental appointment, the hygienist, dental assistant and dentist all raved about my great teeth, and I agree. My braces and I worked hard for these beauties. 

#5 My girls. No really, I’m serious. Not too big that I have problems finding a comfortable bra. But not too small that I question whether I really need a bra. Just right.

#6 My hands. I have little hands with long fingers. They’re pretty great for typing, cooking, drawing, crafting and maybe, with a little practice, they could still play the piano.

#7 My fingernails. I used to bite my nails. When I finally quit, my nails were so weak they broke all the time. Thanks to a more nutritious diet, they now grow fast and strong, and I love them!

#8 My butt. No, it doesn’t fit into my favorite skinny jeans anymore (Thanks, Shaun T), but it’s pretty strong and can get me through several rounds of squats. Plus, I hear it’s pretty squeezable.

#9 My calves. These babies have gotten me through many, many miles of running, and I’m forever grateful for that. In December, they’ll get me through my first marathon!

#10 My feet. I’m pretty adverse to any feet that aren’t my own. Mine are a perfect size 7, and no matter how much weight I gain or lose, they always fit my favorite shoes perfectly!

Okay, now it’s your turn! Tell me what you love about you. What makes you a masterpiece?

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