Monday, July 28, 2014

stitch fix #2 & the problem with knowing exactly what you want

Last week I took the time to fill out this wardrobe planner from Un-Fancy. Though I pretty much knew things like "I spend a majority of my time at work" and "I define my style as simple, classic & romantic," it was good to see everything written down on paper. 

When I got to the part where I was supposed to narrow down my closet to 37 items, I made two lists: 
#1 All clothes I currently own.
#2 A combination of clothes I currently own + staple pieces I'd like to have. 

This way, I could start practicing living with less now and be on the lookout for those pieces that I absolutely love to replace the items in my closet that I don't absolutely love. 

But you run into a couple problems when you know exactly what you're looking for.

#1 You can never find it.

#2 When your Stitch Fix arrives, you send everything back.

That's right. It was a pretty sad affair. I definitely liked everything in my Fix, and I loved how the stylist picked a mostly neutral color palette, but each item was just a little off. There was nothing that absolutely loved and wanted to wear right that second.

But maybe there's some items in my Fix that you will love, and if you're hesitating to try it out - I say go for it! It's only $20, AND when your Fix comes in that $20 goes toward any item of your choosing. 

{So I accidentally threw away the little sheet that tells me the names of all these clothing items, so I just came up with the names on my own.}

#1 Pleated Ivory Sleeveless Blouse with Navy Stripe Down the Center

When I first opened up the box, this was the item I was most excited about. I'm on the hunt for a sleeveless ivory blouse, and this one could have worked. However, the stripe was navy, and most of my work bottoms are black. The only thing it would have worked with are the navy pants I'm wearing in this picture. This item just wasn't versatile enough - and my husband liked to point out that it was also a little see-through.

#2 The Horizontal-Striped Blouse That's Even More See-Through in Various Shades of Blue

When I first posed for this picture, Daniel said something along the lines of, "That angle makes you look wider than you actually are." And I said, "It's not the angle, it's the shirt." Plus, I'm not a big fan of shirts that you have to wear camisoles under. 

#3 The B&W Polka Dot Top with the Front Tie

This was actually my favorite item of the bunch. I'm on the lookout for a black blouse that can be dressed up and down. I'm not opposed to a pattern, but I just wasn't sure about the polka dots. They're a little too... girly? young? preppy? Whatever it is, it didn't scream "Jenny," so that was evidence enough that I needed to send it back.

#4 The Duplicate Navy & White Dress

I call this the "duplicate" because I already have a very similar navy and white striped dress in my closet, which is rather unfortunate because I actually like this one better. Dear Stitch Fix, can you send me this dress in black and white?

#5 The Stiff White-ish Dress with Stripes AND Floral Pattern

Let's start with what I liked about this dress: the shape. It made my waist look so small and gave me the right amount of curves. The neckline and length were both great, too. But the fabric was pretty thick, and I just couldn't figure out the pattern. It's striped, but inside the stripes is what looks to be a floral pattern. Also, it would need to be ironed, and the ironing board has only come out once since I've been married: right before my job interview. 

And at this point in the post, I'd like to give a shout out to the bestest, most patient photographer in the world. Thank you, dear, for taking "just one more shot," making me laugh so my smile looks natural and working hard to keep the apartment dumpster out of all the photos. You're the best. 

If you're interested, you can see my first Stitch Fix here. And if you want to try it out using my link, I get $25 off my next Fix!

Have you tried Stitch Fix? What did you think? Would you have kept anything?

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