Monday, July 7, 2014

the bucket list of a future dentist's wife {year 2}

The husband starts his second year of dental school today. Everyone says that third semester is the toughest. He starts a month earlier, ends a month later and has to somehow squeeze in studying for his board exams in December.

Since I can predict how Daniel will be spending most evenings and weekends for the next six months, I thought it would be a perfect time to update my future dentist’s wife bucket list

Here’s where I’m at:

#1 Sign up and train for a marathon. I signed up for my first marathon a couple weeks ago, and I’m currently training. My race is the St. Jude Marathon on December 6th. You can help me reach my fundraising goal of $500 by donating here.

#2 Finish my Arkansas/Razorback wall of art. This wall is still in process. I did my first art project here. And my friends and I are planning a craft night to make this. I just need to get them all hung...

#3 Create a budget. Done! I’m always adjusting and trying to figure out what’s best for us and where we can save the most money. I’m currently keeping up with our budget on I highly recommend it.

#4 Read, read, read. I’ve constantly been working on this goal. I set up my Goodreads account for the first time. Go befriend me and recommend some good reads.

#5 Take that hot yoga class. Check! You can read all about my experience here.

#6 Learn Spanish. Yeah… Well, I bought Rosetta Stone. And I was very diligent about it for a couple of months. Then life happened. So I made it a New Year’s resolution. But I’ve failed miserably. Time to get back on the horse.

#7 Surprise Daniel. I could definitely have done a better job at this. I did a couple of fun date nights - including some of these “stay at home” date ideas. I definitely will keep trying to make his time in dental school as great as possible.

#8 Memorize a verse of Scripture a week. I don’t know about a verse a week, but I did memorize {most of} Romans 8 and James 1 thanks to the new accountability of my “huddle.” I definitely still need to work at this, though.

#9 Write more letters. I started out doing really well with my letter a week goal. Somehow I dropped the ball. My goal is not to miss any birthdays for the rest of the year. 

#10 Cook for new friends. Yes! A dozen times over. And I hope to keep making new friends and entertaining in our new home. 

#11 Plan a camping/hiking trip. Our first married camping trip was amazing. It did end up in a blogging hiatus, but it was a beautiful and refreshing time together, and I predict many more in our future.

#12 Random acts of kindness. Completely dropped the ball on this one.  Note to self: Be kinder. 

#13 Float our lanterns. We let them fly. View their journey here.

#14 Find the best BBQ. There are still so many BBQ joints left to try: Interstate, Cozy Corner and Tops are just a few. But here’s the rankings so far. 

#15 Keep blogging, writing, designing, creating. How am I doing?

Since, I’ve crossed several off my list, it’s time to add a few more to keep me busy.

#16 Define my style. I’ve slowly been trying to create a “classic” wardrobe. However, I still find myself always going to my newest pieces. I want to take the time to fill out these worksheets and really determine what my personal style is.

#17 Complete 2 home projects each month. I just gave you a tour of our new apartment complete with a list of projects for each room. My goal is to complete at least two of those each month.

#18 Eat clean for a whole week. I loved going on the Whole30 program, but it’s probably a bad idea to go carb-free while training for a marathon. So my goal is to eat “clean” for a whole week, and then maybe never stop.

#19 Try a new workout class: yoga, spinning, pure barre, etc. I was terrified of walking into that first hot yoga class, but absolutely loved the new experience {just wish I could afford it more often}. So, my goal is to keep trying new workout classes. Who knows, maybe I'll find something I love.

#20 Save for a post-graduation trip. Daniel and I have been dreaming about a European vacation after he graduates from dental school - ever the planner, I want to start saving now. I’m thinking about opening another savings account just for the trip.

What’s on your bucket list?

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