Wednesday, July 30, 2014

wiaw #1 - ingredients for the ultimate go-to meal

On Evernote {the most awesomest organization tool ever created} I keep a running list of my “go-to” meals. Simply stated, a go-to meal is a recipe I can cook up in a heartbeat and know it will be a hit with both the Fishes. 

But how does a random recipe I find on Pinterest make it to the A list? It must pass these three conditions:

#1 Few ingredients. I’m not too opposed to trying a new ingredient or two, but when I have to restock my entire pantry to try a new recipe, it’s probably not going to make the cut.

#2 Few minutes. I’m pretty tired when I get home from work, so I want to get dinner on the table as quick as possible so I can spend time with my future dentist. If I’m actively in the kitchen for 30+ minutes, I probably won’t make that recipe again.

#3 Few dishes. In my house we have an “if you don’t cook, you clean” rule - EXCEPT when it’s test week {which is every other week this semester}. But I still want to make sure I’m not using every appliance in the kitchen to make one entree. 

When I’m meal-planning, I usually schedule 1-2 of these go-tos and fill the rest of the evenings with new, adventurous recipes. Since I’m always trying something new, I’m starting this “What I Ate Wednesday {WIAW}” series to feature the best and the worst of my recipe attempts.

This way you can avoid my same mistakes and pick up some good recipes to try that you know will be easy, quick and cheap!

Here’s some of my meals from the past week:

Pros: I shared this recipe with you last week, because it’s definitely on my go-to list. It’s perfect for packing as many of those farmer’s market veggies into a meal as possible. 

Cons: If you don’t like to use microwaves, it takes a while to cook that spaghetti squash.

Pros: If you just cook the frittata you only need 1 (maybe 2) dishes tops! But, the balsamic burst tomatoes are definitely worth it - my tomato-hating husband ate all of his and said they were great! Plus, it’s another great way to use those farmer’s market veggies. This recipe was delicious, guys!

Cons: You should remember that you’re planning to make this for dinner when you go out for brunch with some friends and you decide to order quiche. Too many eggs for one day! {And that's my only complaint!}

Pros: There was enough sweet potatoes left over for lunch the rest of the week AND there was enough stuffing left over to make tacos for another meal that week. It was a great vegetarian dish that my husband enjoyed. 

Cons: It took waaaay too much time and way too many dishes. You didn’t want to be on dish duty that night. If I did it again, I’d probably just zap the sweet potatoes in the microwave and use canned corn. I’d also only make half the recipe. This won’t be a go-to.

If you’re looking for some clean-eating inspiration, check out my clean eating = happy tummy Pinterest board here for ideas. You can also check out some of the recipes on my go-to list here.

What’s your favorite meal from the week?

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