Thursday, August 14, 2014

i scream for nice cream

Or really… Daniel screams for nice cream. Seriously, he asks me about three times a week when I’m going to make nice cream again. What’s nice cream you ask? Well, it’s like ice cream but it’s nice to your waistline. It’s full of yummy ingredients without the added sugar. And you know it has to be good because my husband - who would live off of pizza, chips and pop tarts if I would let him - pretty much begs me for it.

But it gets better. Because nice cream only has three ingredients, and I’m willing to bet you have them in your kitchen right now. Are you ready for this?

- one frozen banana {we don’t eat fresh bananas in this house - we wait until they turn brown and freeze them for smoothies and nice cream}
- cocoa powder
- vanilla extract
- toppings: fruit, nuts, shredded coconut {optional}

1. Place all the ingredients in a food processor.
2. Blend until it’s the consistency of ice cream.
3. Add toppings. {optional}

This is the only nice cream recipe I’ve made so far, but I’m excited to try some new ones. Like some of these:
- Mint Chocolate Chip Banana Nice Cream
- Blueberry Banana Nice Cream
- Raspberry Nice Cream

Have you ever tried nice cream? What’s your favorite way to cure a sweet tooth?

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