Monday, August 11, 2014

i will not take my love away

 I will not take my love away
When praises cease and seasons change
While the whole world turns the other way
I will not take my love away

I will not leave you all alone
When striving leads you far from home
And there’s no yield for what you’ve sown
I will not leave you all alone

I will give you what you need
In plenty or in poverty 
Forever, always, look to me
And I will give you what you need
I will not take my love away

At our wedding I walked down the aisle to this song by Matt Wertz. Since that moment, we’ve always referred to it as “the wedding song” and the words ring true today as much as they did one year, two months and three days ago. On the way to our third wedding in three weekends, Daniel started singing it out of nowhere and since then I haven’t been able to get the words out of my head.

Three weddings in three weekends. Three stunning brides and three ridiculously happy grooms. Three beautiful promises to love, to strengthen, to serve for the rest of their days. Three joyful celebrations with friends and family. And three weekends full of memories. 

My heart is full.

Jessica & Ryan

First, we had the opportunity to celebrate with Daniel’s classmate Ryan and his beautiful bride Jessica. Three friends came and stayed with us in Memphis, since the wedding wasn’t too far from our place. Some favorite memories of the night include: Eating dip-n-dots and tons and tons of candy, teaching the groom’s dad how to Cupid Shuffle and watching my husband steal the show on the dance floor. The cute little ring bearer walked up to Daniel and said, “I want to know how to move my booty like that.” Afterward, we showed our friends the excitement that is Beale Street and enjoyed the most delicious late night fried food I’ve ever eaten. 

Jackie & Kendell

Next, we headed to my childhood home for my long-time best friend’s wedding. It was double the fun because I also got to spend time with my family. Some of my favorite memories of the weekend include: Late night hot-tubbing with the bridesmaids, watching Jackie walk down the aisle, and lots of laughing with my friend Laken, who I hadn’t seen in years. And there was also the part where my escort/groomsman happened to be the flower girl’s dad. Minutes before the wedding she wouldn’t let him set her down without screaming. So, he just carried her in one arm, escorted me with the other and we tossed flower petals as we walked down the aisle. Problem solved.

Haley & Taylor

This past weekend we traveled all the way to Faytown for my college housemate’s wedding. There are no words for how much fun it was to be reunited with all our college friends. Some of many favorite moments of the weekend include: Embarrassing the bride with a list of dares at the Grape Festival, sneaking off with my college besties {also bridesmaids} during the wedding day to buy Haley a honeymoon bikini and seeing the bride and groom so incredibly happy and giddy. When all the festivities were over, we continued our college reunion at a karaoke bar and helped our new friend Gary belt out the words to “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.” My college friends all live in different states: so let’s just say that goodbyes were especially tough yesterday.

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since Daniel and I became Mr. and Mrs. Fish. Every wedding is a beautiful reminder of the promises we made that day. It’s safe to say nothing’s changed. Daniel, I will not take my love away.

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