Wednesday, August 6, 2014

wiaw #2 - when pinterest fails

When you're trying out new recipes or crafts or even outfits from Pinterest, you're bound to have a certain number of flops. I mean - there is a whole website dedicated to Pinterest fails.

I'd say about one out of every five recipes is not as good as I hoped. And that's okay - because at least we tried something new. However, it's weeks like these that my husband wishes that I'd quit Pinterest for good.

Zero for three, ladies and gentlemen. I went zero for three! So when Daniel asked to go out on Thursday night even though it wasn't on the meal plan, I gladly acquiesced. The odds were not in my favor this week.

Here's what I tried:

#1 Salmon Sweet Potato Cakes {via The Little Honey Bee}

Salmon in the can is waaaay cheaper than fresh {obviously}, and I'm sure there's a recipe out there that will make canned salmon taste delicious. It may even be this one, but I wouldn't know because I got the wrong size cans and my ratios were way off. But on the positive side, this recipe was quick, the ingredients were few, and I already had mashed sweet potatoes in the fridge left over from this recipe last week.

Cons: Since my ratios were way off it was way too much salmon and not enough sweet potato. I might venture to try this again with the correct measurements. However, I'm still recovering from the remaining 8 patties in our fridge that neither of can seem to stomach for lunch.

#2 Slow Cooker Mexican-Style Chicken {via POPSUGAR}

Let's start with the obvious - it's a crockpot meal. So that means a little work on the front end and then dinner's ready to go when I get home. And there were leftovers so I didn't have to worry about lunch a couple days {and I didn't have to eat the salmon patties}.

Cons: There was kind of a lot of work on the front end with the skillet and the chopping and the food processor. If I did it again I would put the sauce together the night before and dump everything in the crockpot in the morning. But I don't know if I'll do it again because I just wasn't impressed with the taste. {Side note: Does anyone know how to measure cilantro? Do I just put it in a measuring cup? I always feel a bit silly doing that.}

#3 Breakfast Quinoa Bowl {via Damn Delicious}

I saw this both on Instagram and Pinterest and I was excited to try it out. I mean, based on my usual breakfast choices, this seemed right up my alley. I'm typing all of this in the "pros" section because I honestly didn't have any pros.

Cons: This took way too long for my usual morning routine. I had to wait around for the quinoa to cook, and then when it did I hated - absolutely hated - the texture. Since time was up and I had to go to work, I forced it all down, but I didn't enjoy it.

Have you had any Pinterest fails lately? Or even better - some successes? 

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