Wednesday, August 20, 2014

wiaw #4 - we eat a lot of mexican food

We were on our way back from wedding #3 with four hours of interstate behind us and another to go when I realized there would be no food awaiting us on our return home. Immediately, we started scanning exit signs looking for something to fill our bellies. After three McDonalds, two Taco Bells and four Subways, Daniel turned to me and said words that I've heard way too often in our single year together:

"I just want Mexican {food}."

Less than 60 seconds later he had pulled up the closest Mexican restaurant on his phone and we were taking the next exit. With no idea what to expect, we pulled up to a restaurant attached to a run-down Motel 6 with an empty parking lot and blinking "open" sign. The inside was a blinding explosion of color with a broken and empty fountain in the middle of the floor. I headed straight for the bathroom with it's blue toilet painted with an elaborate floral pattern. When I washed my hands, the mirror almost fell on me.

But the food. The food was absolutely delicious. I had what we love to call "Stephen's Special" with fajita chicken, rice and cheese dip AND the addition of bacon! Daniel had a plate full of enchiladas. We left thoroughly satisfied.

And, apparently we didn't get enough, because I fixed Mexican {inspired} food two more times that week.

#1 Black Bean Tacos with Avocado Lime Dressing from The Garden Grazer

Pros: Easy. Simple Ingredients. Quick fix. I think we eat Mexican food so much because it makes great meatless meals. This is one of them. Daniel likes to say his favorite food in the world is black beans, but I think he's just making fun of me because I have so many cans in the pantry. Recipes like these are the reason why.

Cons: Not the most flavorful or delicious meal in the world and certainly not Stephen's Special, but it's a good quick weekday night dinner.

#2 Sweet Potato BLT Frittata from Lexi's Clean Kitchen

Pros: Frittatas are my new favorite meal. Not only are eggs cheaper than traditional meat, but this is the best way to use those leftover veggies that are about to go to waste. Last time I used asparagus and kale, this time I used spinach and tomatoes and a couple of sweet potatoes that really needed to be used.

Cons: Daniel isn't a huge frittata fan. He says he would prefer quiche. So next time you see an egg dish it will probably have a crust!

#3 Salsa Chicken from Pretty Is As Pretty Does

Pros: This was the first dish I ever made with my first crockpot almost two years ago. I don't really have a page to link to, so I'll just give you the lowdown real quick.

- 4 frozen chicken breasts
- 1-2 cups of salsa
- 1 can of black beans
- 1 can of corn
- 1 packet of taco seasoning {or 1 tbsp of homemade seasoning}

1. Place chicken in crockpot.
2. Pour all the ingredients on top. {Be sure to rinse your black beans and drain your corn.}
3. Cook on low for 6 hours.
4. Shred it up with a fork and serve on rice, chips, tortillas, sweet potatoes or whatever you prefer.

Cons: No cons. Just do it.

#4 No Bake Chocolate Coconut Oil Cookies from The Honour System

Pros: I made these during my lunch break so it was quick and easy with only one dirty dish left over. I wanted to make something special to surprise my studying-so-hard-for-Monday's-test dental student, and these were perfect. And he loved them {and I did, too}. BONUS: They were a lot more healthy than the usual no bake cookie recipe.

Cons: You need coconut sugar to make them which is a little expensive. I was also out of peanut butter so I had to use almond butter, which made them more expensive, but also probably made them taste different. So I can't honestly tell you how the original recipe tastes.

Do you love Mexican food as much as us? What's your favorite Mexican dish?

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