Wednesday, November 26, 2014

these are the days we won't forget

these are the days that we won't forget
With the exception of chili, nice cream and the occasional video game, my sweet husband doesn’t ask for much. So when he came to me requesting that three of his college friends come stay the weekend with us, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

After all, they’re my friends, too, and an apartment full of guys isn’t near as daunting when you grew up in a house with three brothers. However, my testosterone-filled weekend did provide me some enlightenment on our male counterparts:

  1. You can never talk too much about football. College. Pro. Fantasy. If it’s not brought up every hour, something’s horribly wrong.
  2. The boys bathroom is never a safe place for a girl. Even if it’s in your own apartment. Even if it’s in the middle of the night.
  3. Beer is art. And ordering one glass requires deep reflection, twenty minutes of debate and at least one pros/cons list.
  4. You can never buy enough food. Doubled our usual grocery budget and still was not able to feed four guys for their entire stay.

But all joking aside, I had a lot of fun this weekend. And, most importantly, Daniel had a lot of fun this weekend. This semester has been so busy and so stressful, it was refreshing to see him laughing and joking around and not worrying about what’s on his next test.

Here’s a little recap of the weekend:


After walking to Local to watch the end of the Memphis Grizzlies game, we took our visitors to visit Beale Street for the very first time. We found a cozy corner by the heater at Silky O’ Sullivans and listened to a 90’s cover band sing all the best songs from our childhood.


After a morning full of running, cooking and video games (guess which of those I participated in), we watched some Arkansas Razorback football. All I can say is, WOOOOOO PIG SOOOOIE!

We went straight from cheering on the Hawgs to Friendsgiving with our Downtown Parish. There were so many people and so much food. It was such a great time of fellowship.


Spent the morning in Christ City Kids watching some 3 and 4-year-olds play. Then afterward we went to Babalu for some tacos and tapas and the best guacamole in the world.

After a driving tour Downtown and a quick nap, we headed to FedExForum to see our Grizzlies handily defeat the L.A. Clippers. Then straight to Aldo’s Pizza for some grub and Cowboys football.

All in all, it was a great weekend - our little stay-cation. And I can't wait to have them back.

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