Monday, December 15, 2014

this week the trend 12.15

what i captured:

what i did:
  1. This past week was crunch time for Daniel’s finals, so I did my best to keep busy and stay out of his way. Between work and friends, I’d say I was pretty successful.
  2. Last week we hosted our annual luncheon at work. The typical business luncheon you’re picturing in your head right now - just throw that idea completely out the window. This was more of a talent show for the Memphis business community. Think: house band, performances by Memphis greats like Otis Clay, epic videos and huge announcements - a.k.a. a whole lot of work! It was pretty much the only thing I took pictures of this week, so above you can see - the Peabody Hotel, where it was held, and our “Take Me to the River” themed dessert.
  3. While the husband’s away {in his study with all his notes}, I took advantage of the opportunity with a lot of girl time. Wednesday night I went out to eat with a group of dental school wives. Friday I went shopping with my friend Brittney. And Saturday I spent the day baking and talking about Jesus with Sarah and Leah. I’m beyond thankful to have so many supportive friends during this dental school season.
  4. We also had our “Holiday Brunch” this week at work. Usually, we have more of a party, but for some reason things are especially busy this time of year at the Chamber. So we’re planning a big party to start out the New Year instead. You can see the Communications Team {minus our Senior VP} above.

what i wrote:

what I read:
  1. Nobody wants to be the girl on a diet - especially during Christmas.
  2. When it comes to other women, you can compare or you can connect, but you can’t do both.
  3. I don’t really have New Year’s Eve plans, but man I’m drawn to everything that sparkles lately.

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