Monday, January 5, 2015

this week the trend 1.5

what i captured:
go watch this beautiful mashup of two songs by my favorite artist now {if you haven't already}

what i did:

  1. We had a couple friends over to eat pizza and watch the Razorbacks throttle the Longhorns. I didn’t get a picture of it, but I was wearing my cute new AR shirt.
  2. We spent New Year’s Eve with some great people eating delicious food and playing fun games.
  3. We watched the “guitar” drop from the top of the Goodwyn building and saw all the fireworks around town.
  4. My friend Sarah and I started Whole30 on Saturday. It seems less daunting this time around, but it’s only day three.

what i wrote:

what i read:
  1. So in love with this ginormous {it’s a word} list of things to look forward to in Memphis in 2015. {Feel free to come experience them with us.}
  2. Interesting read on this new fitness trend. Definitely savoring my rest days this year.
  3. Thousands upon thousands of whole30 recipes like this.

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